UWAnime Clubroom

UWAnime has a clubroom located in Cameron Hall, UWA. For visual instructions on how to get to our clubroom, check out the about us section.

In the clubroom we have our manga library as well as a shelf with out featured titles near the front door. The clubroom has a computer and TV to watch anime with, as well as a dedicated premium club account for anime streaming services like Crunchyroll and Animelab. Members are allowed to read from the library and watch/borrow any anime we have on the computer. We also have a smaller television that is available for other activities like playing games and such. We will generally only allow anime to be shown on the main computer but other activities are okay if permitted by the authority of a committee member

Computer/Viewing Content Hierarchy
1. Anime
2. Anime related series/movies (Live Action movies/series; e.g. NANA LA movies, Honey and Clover)
3. Japanese series/movies
4. Japanese Games (e.g. Touhou)
5. Other content

Some Clubroom Rules
1. Manga and DVDs can only be accessed by members,  and should remain in the clubroom and be returned to their respective cabinets. Borrowing is allowed so long as a (refundable) deposit for each item is given. ($20/book, $30/DVD) The loan period should be no more than 1 week.
2. If members want to transfer something onto the computer, you must ask for permission from a committee member first. No licensed series are allowed.
3. When buying food/drink, a committee member (or whoever is currently in charge of the room) must check that you are giving the correct amount/getting the correct change.

Clubroom Etiquette
When you’re in the clubroom, it would be appreciated if you could try to do the following:
When watching anime, feel free to watch as much as you want but be mindful and considerate of others if they wish to watch something else. Respect is key
Keep the room tidy. (e.g. please don’t leave a mess behind or forget to throw away your rubbish; this includes uni notes! And don\’t forget to put manga back!)
Be mindful when people are watching something on the TV (e.g. don’t play your laptop music at full volume when something’s on)
Respect other people’s views.


6 thoughts on “UWAnime Clubroom

    1. Apologies for such a late reply Felicia!

      You can join our club either by signing up at our stall at UWA’s O-Day, at the start of each year, or just come by our clubroom. We’re generally open during the uni semesters, and open occasionally during the summer/winter holidays. Otherwise, just contact us via e-mail to arrange something. 🙂

  1. Hi
    i’m not a student at uwa but I live down the road and was looking for an anime club to join and was wondering if i can join even if i dont go to uni, if not could you recomend a good community i can join?

  2. Hi,

    Was wondering if there are age restrictions to your club ?
    I’m currently a high school student in the western suburbs area and a fan of anime.

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