November 2016 Meeting

UWAnime Meeting Minutes – 28th November 2016


Present: Azman[President], Lawrence[Treasurer], Chris[Secretary], Matt[OCM], Bryan[OCM], Paulus[OCM], Zak[OCM], Lachlan[OCM]

Late: Regan [Vice President] à 10.12am

Absent: None

1.0          OPENING – 10am

Azman makes clear that he wants all people in committee are given a chance to speak, ie go around entire room for each agenda.

Committee chat raised by Azman, says email is to be used for anything official, with facebook chat only used for minor things.

Basic rules raised: committee members are to tell loud people in clubroom to quiet down, even if it feels socially detrimental.

2.0          ORIENTATION DAY

Azman mentions that o-day stall apps are open. Feels like delaying in order to get closer to Cameron hall clubs. Matt voices that SOC usually takes care of thi also states request form includes an area to ask to be placed near Cameron hall, mentions that O-Day needs club needs to be set up by 10.30. Azman suggests that committee needs to be at clubroom on the day at 8.00am. Azman says in the last year, only 3 people came by 8am, and the rest came later. Tent setup was difficult, and was assisted by other clubs. Only Matt has experience in tent setup.

Structure of who, where. President will be at the tent. Two ocms in the club, with general maintenance. Rest of members, near tent. OCM’s switch in and ut with tours going back between tent and clubroom.

Chris mentions we have 120 signups, suggests new target of 180. Raises card rotation which has been assigned with Bryan. Azman states that card rotation already occurs. Matt raises that Aaron(Vice President 2016) has printed 400+ cards ready.

Paulus raises concerns with working with other clubs with touring. Azman forwards that it can be difficult to organise a good tour route to leave a lasting impact on people joining Cameron Hall.Also mentions the use of past marketing strategy of forwarding people to join other Cameron Hall clubs, (ie UCC, UniSFA, Unigames) (Azli 2016 S1).

Bryan raised that the cards may need to be changed because of sponsors that are no longer affiliated with our club. Zac was interested in putting sponsor logos on the tent. Azman replys that sponsor flyers are used instead

Matt finds that the card folder has no cards in it, and all cards will require to be reprinted, and sponsors will be changed on card backing.

Regan joins [10.12am]

Chris asks if stall sells any cans/drinks, bc no food permit is required. Matt voices a no, because of how hot the day gets. Azman mentions a cooler has been brought in before, also says members are entitled to a free drink. Chris also mentions that OCM’s tagging in/out should bring down fresh drinks. Matt mentions O-Day has never been not hot. O-Day is until 4pm or later. Azman says we should add the comic chapters donated from quality comics at the front of our stall. Azman ideas that comics can be put at the front of the stall. Matt wants comics to be first come first serve basis. Chris raises point that first come first serve will only provide to older members already going to be retained. Matt corrects that comics can be given first come first serve to freshers. Regan wants to appeal to Quality Comics for comics. Azman seconds, and also wants to appeal to Tokyo Underground. Matt mentions he has 25 star wars battlefront posters for giving out.

Regan mentions that MSU and other clubs give out customised items that are affordable. Azman raises that Madman gave the club lanyards.

Azman proposes that some comics can be given first come first serve to freshers with a few placed at the front of the stall. Consensus was gained that 5 copies of the comics will be placed at the front of the stall for people to read, with two spares held behind the stall.

Azman calls actionable items being, registering stall, requesting that it be placed near the other Cameron Hall clubs and that two days of preparation be taken prior to the O-day event. He also raises that cards need to be printed as well as a sponsor run undertaken to appeal to sponsors.

Chris raises that all the electronics require tagging. Matt clarifies that this event occurs about a week before O-day, where the laminator and extension cord will need tagging, as well as a fee for the tagging.

Regan suggests bring a fan to the stall, Azman agrees however is unsure what fan to bring. Azman also suggests the use of a screen to show anime to people passing by however, the lack of speakers and placement near party clubs remains an issue.

Actionable Items:

  • Register stall for O-day – Chris
  • Request that stall be place near other Cameron Hall clubs – Chris
  • Two days of preparation – All
  • Sponsor Run – Azman/Regan/Chris
  • Cards – Bryan/Regan


3.0          FRESHER WELCOME

Azman notes that it is a major event, as well as holding a raffle and free pizza for freshers. He estimates around 50 people attend fresher welcome and also mentions requirements for shifting furnishings. Azman proposes futons for the use of fresher welcome. Regan states that the average price is $12 for each futon. Azman notes it is a one seat futon. Regan further suggests the use of bean bags, however Matt raises that when the beanbags burst, conflict occurs with cleaning and maintenance. General consensus is gained at six futons. Regan objects that six is too few as only some people will gain use of the futons, Azman counterpoints that it’s a first come first serve. Matt notes that it is still an improvement from previous years. Azman states it is both beneficial for fresher welcome, and for use beyond that date during the year.

A vote for the purchase of 6 futons. Motioned: Azman. Seconded: Regan

Vote Passed: 8-0

  • For: Azman, Regan, Lawrence, Matt, Brian, Paulus, Zak, Lachlan
  • Abstain: Chris

Regan is authorised $90 for the purchase of 6 futons. Chris raises where the futons will be stored, Azman says the cushions currently in the room will be thrown out, with the futons replacing them. Azman passes voice around the committee. Lachlan is happy with outcome of the vote, and voices concern with the pizza being gluten free/vegetarian. Azman wants catering for 60 people (ie 60 pizzas) and also wants to ask about dietary requirements for O-day consultation with freshers. He also proposes only one gluten free pizza and two vegetarian pizzas included in the order.

Chris raises that out of the 50 freshers at the event, very few are retained as regular members. Azman states that only a few are consistent, however, some do come back to events. Chris wants to find out why there is a lack of retention. Regan raises that there are three reasons for this. 1, The room, 2. The people, 3. The society. Regan wants people to be more open. Azman states that although the committee can be opening, the people who are just members are under no obligation. Matt talks about phasing separate social circles similar to a comic set. Azman reiterates that although it takes time to alter the social discourse, the environment can be changed.

Zak raises the point of increasing the number of events for freshers, ie having more events for freshers in the first few months. Azman says more event types will need to be brainstormed for freshers.


  • Inform pizza place about fresher order ie Reservations (Matt)
  • Buy futons (Regan)
  • Prizes ready for raffle as well as the games undertaken (Executives)

4.0          MARKETING

Azman talks about the full utilisation of all available social media; ie Facebook group, Facebook page, WordPress, Twitter, as well as the potential of Instagram and Snapchat. He talks about suggestions where people will be assigned particular social mediums to maintain, however, committee members in the past have not shown any commitment to the particular medium assigned. He also outlines that it is better to have multiple people collaborating the same mediums. The simple steps suggested for collaborating over multiple mediums are the following:

  • If you see the three previous posts being of similar nature, do not post
  • If it is not the case but it is still unclear whether it is appropriate, ask committee
  • If the posts are relating to big news, post

Chris notes that there is a lack of definition in the way posts are used on the social media. Azman wants the Facebook to primarily be filled with news and sponsorship posts. With the use of Instagram, club photos, events and sponsors. Twitter can be used for retweeting news, and WordPress should be shared on all mediums, but should be original. Chris raises the issue of posting at 7pm or 8pm is better for exposure, and also raises the same committee members liking posts continuously. He also suggests that people get their friends to like posts in order to change up the population a bit.

Chris further raises the issue of twitter, with following influential followers, and gain as many followers as possible, and then shaving bots off the followers list. He also points out the WordPress theme should be improved beyond the November rehash, and forwards that wordpress can migrate to another hosting website.

Chris also raises that screening marketing should need to be monitored to enable them for greater attendance. Matt raises that the religious and formal nature of screening deters people from attending to screenings. Azman wants to create a dialogue of people screening as well as re-marketing via the Facebook page/group, which will boost member interaction.

Zak raises the selection process for themes of screening, and wants to raise use strawpoll for selection of themes to boost marketing. Azman agrees, but further raises the issue of posters. Matt says the posters are already used for most events and screenings don’t really need it. Motion for stopping the usage posters during regular screenings.

Vote Passed: 6 – 2

  • For: Azman, Regan, Lawrence, Chris, Bryan, Matt, Lachlan
  • Against: Zak, Paulus

Chris raises this issue of lack of targeted media. He also reported on the incident that occurred on the Facebook group. A person named William Koo had started trolling on the page. Procedure used is as follows:

  • Delete the offending post
  • Warn the member that the particular type of post is not tolerated and if they offend again they will be removed
  • Only act again if second offense
  • Second Offense à Ban person from group

Azman agrees on proposed rules and reiterates for the entire committee. Notice is given to the entire group that if a second offence occurs from William Koo, approval for ban.


Azman raises that the review provided by Zak on WordPress was of exceptional quality. The marketing used on cross platform media was also good.

Chris raises that formalised editorial process should occur for anime review posts.

Azman forwards three recommendations. 1. Send the review to Azman, Chris, Regan and Matt for editing. 2. Continuation of cross-platform promotion. 3. The review co-ordination of manga review of the week

Zak also says that a backlog of manga reviews should be used for consistent weekly posting and says he is limited for manga reviews availability during the semester.

Azman and Matt recommend using a two sentence for each new series of anime for the season. Zak wants to have a review for the first three episodes, and a late notice for the final episode.


6.0 Events

Chris presented a formulated list (shown below), as was used as framework for organising evens in 2017

Azman overturns 5 song limit announcement as used by Ex President Brendon Ng

Chris also suggested outreach to Unihall clubs to collaborate a movie screening in the colleges

Semester 1

Week Event Member Allocated

3rd March

Fresher Welcome




10th March

[Unnamed Special Event]




17th March

Fortnightly Screening

[New Season]



24th March




Lead: Matt

Helper: Zak & Azman


31st March

Fortnightly Screening




7th April

Movie Screening

[Not Just Ghibli, mix bag]



14th April

Fortnightly Screening



Study Break 17th-21st April




28th April


Smash Tournament


Azman, Lawrence

5th May

[Unnamed club collaborative event]




12th May

Fortnightly Screening




19th May

[Unnamed Special Event]




26th May

General Meeting




2nd June

[Unnamed Special Event] – Games Day?








Semester 2

Week Event Member Allocated

4th August




Lead = Chris

Helper = Matt


11th August

Fortnightly Screening[New Season]




18th August

Ghibli Screening



Paulus + Regan

25th August

Fortnightly Screening




1st Sept

[Un-named Special Event]




8th Sept

Fortnightly Screening




15th Sept

[Un-named Special Event]




22nd Sept

Fortnightly Screening



Study Break

29th Sept

Quiz Night




6th October

Fortnightly Screening




13th October

[Un-named Special Collaborative Event]




20th October

Fortnightly Screening




27th October





3rd Nov

Games Day







Regan proposes the following changes for renovations:

  1. Remove paint from windows
  2. Install curtains
  3. Paint walls
    1. Filling in holes in wall
    2. New paint scheme
  4. Remove posters
  5. Remove and replace the cabinet
  6. Replace carpets
    1. Carpets provide difficulty of cleaning
  7. Replace table and chairs
  8. General cleaning

In draft design, Azman proposed a collage of famous anime on a single wall, but rejected it due to work constraints. Regan considers the framing of the posters, and Azman also considers the age of the posters. Regan also wants to source new posters from Tokyo Underground or online. Chris raises issues of appropriate documentation and funding that should be presented to the committee, and the use of sponsors to fund the renovations.

Matt says special permission from Guild is only required for physical alteration. For curtain rails and electrical works, guild/electricians approval is required, but other alterations only require Guild notice.

Azman suggests the use of a welcome mat for the new carpet. Matt says that two mats can be used, one on either side of the metal jut in the wall.

Chris and Regan volunteer to do the repainting of the walls.

Regan says he will remove the Gundams from the room.


Azman raises that Hanabee and Madman need to be reconnected with the UWAnime club. He also says that he will visit sponsors later in the day. He also wants to reconnect with White Dwarf as well as new sponsors such as J-List, Crunchyroll and LootBox.

Chris proposes that Azman should develop a prospectus for the UWAnime club. Chris proposes a large sponsor run, with over 150 potential sponsors databased. Also, Chris proposes the use of a sponsor table to better advertise sponsors. The sponsors gained should be listed in the booklet used to advertise the club available for free distribution





Azman suggests that everyone develop their own projects similar to the way Google runs.

  • Azman will develop a prospectus
  • Regan will manage the renovations of the club room
  • Chris will manage the development of sponsor database and sponsor runs as well as O-day marketing
  • Lawrence is interested in developing and strengthening cross-club relations
  • Matt is developing more casual events to foster a sense of community within the clubroom
  • Bryan is creating member cards for O-day
  • Zac is writing reviews for the anime/manga for the WordPress website managed

Committee not listed here have not discerned particular goals but will continue to work nonetheless.



Date of the next meeting is decided for December 15th. Committee dinner is moved to New Moon Restaurant but has not been allocated a particular date.

Actionable Items over 9000:

  • Register stall for O-day – Chris
  • Request that stall be place near other Cameron Hall clubs – Chris
  • Two days of preparation – All
  • Sponsor Run – Azman/Regan/Chris
  • Cards – Bryan/Regan
  • Inform pizza place about fresher order ie Reservations (Matt)
  • Buy futons (Regan)
  • Prizes ready for raffle as well as the games undertaken (Executives)
  • Planning for expansion project