Hi there! This is Zak, OCM of the 2017 UWAnime committee. This page here is where announcing our plans about the previews, reviews, recommendations and first impressions that are all encompassed by the Manga reviews project which I’ll be in charge of for this year. The sub pages will take you to a list of links to all the posts done within each sub project we do. When the Semester starts I’ll be posting preview recommendations in a manga of the week format where the post will be featured here and the manga will be displayed in the club room for you reading ease. The goal for this project is to give to the UWAnime members a library of  interesting previews that acts as recommendations for the Manga we have available in the club room alongside full length reviews of complete series. We also want this to be a platform for you to share your favourite manga and get the rest of the club interested in the type of manga you enjoy. Feel free to comment below about any manga you want reviewed or recommended and we’ll be sure to get around to it where we can.

Let myself or any of the other committee members know if you want to join the project if you are interested in contributing your own works and efforts. Below is the current sub project we have on the agenda and the list of Manga that we are in the process covering in the project. In addition to this I’ll also be putting in a calendar for when can expect specific posts to be released by so stay tuned for further developments


Winter 2017

Current Sub Project

Between now and Christmas we’ll be releasing daily manga previews for manga that are getting Anime adaptions in the Winter 2017 season, have English translations (if they are licensed I’ll link you to their website). The full thoughts and review of each manga in it’s current form will be released a week after each show has aired. We’re also going to release previews for the Anime movies coming out this season, they will be happening around the time that they are been set to screen in cinemas here in Perth.  For each Movie we will be releasing a Preview released a minimum of 1 week before the first screening and be organising group events through the Facebook Page so make sure to Like and Follow us to keep updated. Suggestion type Reviews and Recommendations will be worked on during the break and you can expect these to be released as early as we can after the Semester begins so make sure to give us your suggestions early in the comment section below.

Current Manga on the Agenda:

Brand New Anime Adaptations

– Fuuka

– Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

– Kuzu no Honkai

– Masamune-kun no Revenge

– Demi-chan wa Kataritai

– Gabriel Dropout

Second Season Anime Adaptations

– Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

– Ao no Exorcist

– Yowamushi Pedal

– Super Lovers

Special Reviews

– Suzuka


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