IRC Rules

Below are a set of rules you should follow when using the Rizon IRC network or our channel. Make sure you read these before connecting.

Members are required to abide by Rizon server rules at all times when accessing the club IRC channel (#uwanime). These rules are as follows:

  • No Flooding.
  • No Bots (auto-detected).
  • No Clones.
  • No Spamming.
  • No Takeovers.
  • Clients must respond to VERSION requests.
  • We will not tolerate the distribution of child pornography.
  • Access granted to this server is a privilege.
  • Rizon Staff members may disconnect clients for any or no reason.

Contravening these rules may result in a ban from the Rizon Network or from the #uwanime channel.

In addition, members are required to abide by the following rules when accessing the #uwanime channel:

  • Members are prohibited from distributing material that is licensed and available for purchase in Australia. If breached, this will result in a warning. Subsequent breaches will result in a ban from the channel.
  • Channel operators may ban users for any or no reason.

Operator Privileges are listed as follows:

  • +q (~) identifies the channel owner.
  • +ao (&) identifies channel administrators. This will be given to Core Committee Members.
  • +o (@) identifies ordinary channel operators. This will be given to Ordinary Committee Members.
  • +v (+) identifies voiced users. This does not impart any actual power to these users and may be given at the will of any operator or higher.
  • Past committee members may retain their operator privileges if they so wish.