Terra Formars Manga Review

Do you like me, find that no matter how old or desensitised you are to cockroaches, there is always a innate fear that kindles deep within. Now imagine if those cockroaches evolved to be 2 meter tall humanoids with all their natural strengths and abilities scaled to human size. Now imagine there is a planet wide infestation of them on our nearest neighbour Mars, and to make matters worst previous expeditions to exterminate these creatures has brought back an incurable disease that is 100% fatal. These are the challenges the people of the 27th Century face, and humanity is put under even more threat as the dangers continue to grow. The year is 2620, the brave crew of Annex I and her captain, Shoukichi Komachi, now set off into the vast wilderness of space to combat this threat with new biological weapons to face the Cockroach Intrusion … More Terra Formars Manga Review


Yotsuba&! Manga Review

Many people often criticise Anime and Manga for how it fuels escapism and the negative consequences of escaping real life. While there is a grain of truth to their arguments, there is also truth in some of the positive consequences of escapism when done right. Being honest, the adult world sucks sometimes and the stress can drive many people to sadness and depression. Sometimes its good to take a brief vacation from the stresses of everyday life and be consumed by a stress-free world of fun and laughter. As we are approaching Exam’s and Assessment Due dates why not give yourself a much needed pick me up and check out a classic comedy series that will lift your spirits … More Yotsuba&! Manga Review

My Hero Academia Manga Review

My Hero Academia, more commonly referred to by it’s japanese name Boku no Hero Academia (Boku no Hero for short), is an exciting Shonen series that is one of the most popular Shonen Jump series in Japan and world wide. Back in 2014 when it was announced that Naruto’s manga was ending many were looking for what Shonen series will take over as the next Weekly Shonen Jump sensation. Naruto fans didn’t have to look hard however as Boku no Hero was fresh off the prints and already showing off how amazing it was with amazing characters, epic action, deep meaning and comedy in spades … More My Hero Academia Manga Review

D.Gray-man Manga Review

Have you ever had that phase were grown tired of Shonen? Few series provide a more powerful and rejuvenating reintroduction to the Shonen genre than D.Gray-man. The manga by the end of volume 1 will leave you excited and reminded again of what we all love about the genre. If you want to revisit your love of Shonen or you just want to read an amazing Shonen epic, why not check out D.Gray-man … More D.Gray-man Manga Review

Initial D Manga Review

Manga can influence lives, and no other manga reinforces this statement more than the 90’s racing manga Initial D. This tale of an unmotivated teen becoming a street racer has captured the hearts and imaginations of countless gear-heads and normies alike. Initial D is an amazing manga with exhilarating racing action and likeable characters that combine to make a very entertaining series to casually pick up and read, then find yourself binge reading volume after volume. You’ll find yourself surprised by how easy it is enjoy this manga and how invested you can get with the generic plot and derpy looking characters. This week why not try out a classic and strap yourself in for an exhilarating read … More Initial D Manga Review

Death Note Manga Review

Highschool Student and detective prodigy, Light Yagami finds a black book that fell out of the sky. Written on the front are the English words Death Note and when he looks inside he discovers a set of rules:

The human whose name is written in this note shall die
This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected
If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen
If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

Realising the divine power that has just been placed in his hands, Light sets upon himself the task of creating his own utopia, rid of criminals and undesirables. Only a few questions remains: will Light succeed in his plans, if not then who will bring him to justice and how many will die along the way … More Death Note Manga Review

A Silent Voice Movie Review (The Shape of Voice)

As we reach the halfway mark for the semester many of us are starting too feel tired and need a break. How bout instead of reaching for that Kit Kat you go and grab a ticket to one of the best Anime movies to come out last year. Koe no Katachi or A Silent Voice is an outstanding movie with great animation and directing by Kyoto Animation’s Naoko Yamada (K-On & Tamako Love Story) … More A Silent Voice Movie Review (The Shape of Voice)

Absolute Boyfriend Manga Review

Ever been rejected by a hot guy, Rikko Izawa feels for you. Shes been asking out tons of hot and unattainable guys and got rejected every time. However, her luck seemed to pick up when she found a lost cell phone with a strange cosplaying business man on the other end. After returning his phone to him Rikko gets offered anything she wants at a great discount, and what do you think any young maiden would want. She asks for a boyfriend and she’s directed to a website where she picks the mysterious Night model for a free 3 day trial. The next day when she gets back from school a large package is waiting for her in her room ;D … More Absolute Boyfriend Manga Review

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Manga Review

22 year old virgin Eikichi Onizuka has been a biker and a general miscreant from his days in school. Now as his life’s starting to slow down and he starts looking for work, he sets his sights on becoming a teacher to … “socialise” with female students. However as he becomes exposed to the world of education and the teachers within it, he sees the many flaws it has and how that affected him in the past … More Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Manga Review

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma Manga Review

Souma Yukihira has passion for food that few can rival. He’s been in the kitchen working with his father at their small restaurant from a very young age. From years of practice and a competitive rivalry with his father, Souma has a dream of beating his father with his own style of cooking and eventually setting up a restaurant of his own. However his plans take a sudden detour when his father unexpectedly shuts down their restaurant and … More Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma Manga Review