Anime/Manga Library

UWAnime has an extensive and diverse list of anime/manga in which members are free to watch/read any of them in the club room. Members are also free to borrow some to watch/read at home for up to 2 weeks. Below is the borrowing procedure which must be followed when borrowing an anime/manga.

To take a look at what we have available for rent, check out our Myanimelist user’s watch/read lists. We have all our anime and manga logged with their episode counts and levels of completion sorted into categories:

Completed = Completed (obviously).
Watching = Being used in a recent screening.
On-Hold = Incomplete season but begins from Ep 1.
Dropped = Currently unavailable (Currently being borrowed or other reasons).
Plan to Watch = Have loose volumes that are in the middle of the season.

Our Anime   /   Our Manga

Rental Rules:

1. Members select the anime/manga they wish to borrow and ask a committee member if they can borrow it.
2. The member will be asked to provide us with their member number and phone number. They will also have to make a temporary deposit; $20 for manga and $30/$40 for anime (DVD/Blueray)
3. The member can now borrow the anime/manga and will be responsible for the item for the duration of the borrowing period (2 weeks) until it has been returned to the club.
4. Upon returning the manga they borrowed, they will receive their deposit (ie. the $20, $30 or $40)
Note: If the borrowed item is not returned within the borrowing period or has sustained significant damage that causes it to be unusable, then we reserve the right to retain the deposit given in order to purchase a replacement copy of the item.


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