UWAnime Clubroom

Our UWAnime clubroom is located within Cameron Hall, UWA. For visual instructions on how to get to our clubroom, check the info graphic by clicking on the learn about us menu section.

In the clubroom we have many fantastic facilities for chilling out and relaxing with friends. Not only do we have a great setup for watching anime in comfort but we additionally have an extensive manga & HD anime disk library, a study/gaming table and a Smash corner. For watching anime on the TV, we have dedicated accounts for both Crunchyroll and Animelab that allows our members to watch the latest seasonal anime simulcast in HD; check our TV viewing guides below. Members are also free to put on the TV items from our anime and to read from our manga libraries whenever they like in the clubroom. They can also borrow manga and anime is free as well; check our borrowing procedure below.

We have a large table everyone uses for gaming, chatting and, for the more disciplined, study. Our members play everything from PC games, mobile games and Super Smash Bros. to TCG’s and majong. Specifically for Smash we have a corner set up with its own couch and two TV sets going for up to 8 players at once. A lot members share their gaming experiences on our discord where people get together for teams, chat, share waifu pics and shitpost to their hearts content; links for discord are on our FB group page.

When our official hours end at 5pm every weekday we let members do their own thing like watch youtube vids, put on the karaoke machine and other more relaxed/anime unrelated activites as long as they are within reason. Just keep in mind a committee member has to be in the room and no sleeping overnight (its a fire hazard thing).

Here are a few guides on using club facilities:

What we allow on the TV during club hours
1. Anime
2. Anime related series/movies (Live Action movies/series)
3. Anime related blogs or newsites
4. Other cases check with committee members

What series can I watch in the clubroom?
1. Series that can be found on legal streaming sites (i.e Crunchyroll, Animelab)
2. The series in our anime hard drives
3. The episodes in our anime DVD’s and Blurays
4. If you can’t find a show, check the licence holder. If there is either an Australian based company or an Australian branch, the club can’t have the series. If there’s no Australian license, let a committee know so we can add it.
Note: Never use illegal stream sites or torrents with the club computer!

The Marathon Rule
If a single series has been shown on the TV for 3 or more episodes (around an hour total), members that want to switch series have priority, so quickly ask everyone if they’re okay to continue marathoning and be polite and check with any newcomers to the room.

Borrowing Manga, DVD’s and Blurays
Manga and DVDs can only be accessed by members, and should remain in the clubroom and be returned to their respective cabinets (ask a committee member for the keys). Borrowing is allowed so long as a temporary deposit for each item is given. ($20/book, $30/DVD, $40/Bluray) The loan period should be no more than 2 weeks and the deposit is returned when you return the item.

Other Club rules & etiquette
1. If members want to transfer something onto the computer, you must ask for permission from a committee member first. Remember the licensing rules from above.
2. When buying food/drink, give the money to a committee member an let them know what you’re buying
3. If you spill food or drink in the clubroom, please clean it immediately or let a committee member know
4. Always use headphones or earbuds when playing games or watching something on the side
5. Don’t bring politics into the club
6. Respect other peoples views … even if they have trash taste
7. Have fun!!!


8 thoughts on “UWAnime Clubroom

    1. Apologies for such a late reply Felicia!

      You can join our club either by signing up at our stall at UWA’s O-Day, at the start of each year, or just come by our clubroom. We’re generally open during the uni semesters, and open occasionally during the summer/winter holidays. Otherwise, just contact us via e-mail to arrange something. 🙂

  1. Hi
    i’m not a student at uwa but I live down the road and was looking for an anime club to join and was wondering if i can join even if i dont go to uni, if not could you recomend a good community i can join?

  2. Hi,

    Was wondering if there are age restrictions to your club ?
    I’m currently a high school student in the western suburbs area and a fan of anime.

  3. Hey, I heard that you guys give membership cards to people that sign up. Is it possible to get another card after I have signed up? If so, how much will it cost?

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