Our Committee

UWAnime | 2018 Committee members

Current President: Tze-Wen Lee (Lewis)

The public figure head for the club and the one person who “should” know all the answers. He directs the committee and aligns the rest of committee towards achieving his aims & ambitions for the club during his year.  The President knows of all our relationships with not only our sponsors but other anime communities like us. Be sure to have a chat with Lewis to keep up to date with the Perth anime scene, know more about the club, our direction for 2017 or any trivial question you have.

Current VP: Bryan Trac

2nd in command and the next most informed member in the club. Bryan is one of the hardest working members of the committee. He’s usually directly involved in many of the clubs activities so Bryan’s a great person to ask about what the club is doing.

Current Treasurer: Lawrence Luo

In charge of the books and the one with the best knowledge about club finances. Have a chat with Lawrence if you wanna check the viability of a new idea or initiative for the club.

Current Secretary: Pokk Huan Koh (Paddy)

The most important functional role in a committee. The secretary is the one in charge of keeping track of everything the committee is doing. This includes meeting minutes, important emails and official documentation. The secretary should have accurate knowledge of every the club & committee has done officially. Check with Paddy if you need to know about what the committee is up to or any upcoming events.

Media Officer
Current MO: Zak Wallace

We’re a club that uses a lot of social media. Zak’s job lies in both the management and improvement of our media and social media. If you have ideas about improving our existing platforms and websites, you can talk to him. Also if, you’d like to help with making artwork or to talk about manga, chat with him.

Audit Officer
Current AO: Lachlan Barrett

The Audit Officer keeps track of all the clubs inventory, and keeps a careful eye on our week by week food stocks. If you want to ask about what we have in stock in the Anime Cabinet or would like to know the best item on our menu, check with Lachlan.

Ordinary Committee Members
Current OCMs: An Qiang Tang (Older Twin)
Ryan Tan

While many of the other roles have a fancy name and a key job to do within the committee, it can never be forgotten the role our Ordinary Committee Members do for the club. What nobody ever looks at are the hundreds of small essential jobs that need to be done for the club, that allows the other committee members to focus on furthering the club with their unique information from their work fields. Additionally, it is very often the OCM’s that are the most interesting at meetings and discussions as they bring fresh perspectives and grounded perspectives from people who are just like any other active member of the club. The OCM’s are important committee members and they not only allow us to do outside events with the vital boost to manpower, but they also keep the committee based in the needs and wants of the ordinary club member. If you’d like to try out doing some committee work and being more involved in the running of the club let us know who you are as we’d like to recruit some more OCM’s to help us out with our big projects next year.



4 thoughts on “Our Committee

  1. PICA is pleased to present the first Australian showing of work by Yuka and Kentaro Shimura, a Japanese brother and sister artistic duo that work together as SHIMURABROS.

    Their award winning multi-screen video installation Sekilala will open in the PICA Screen Space on Friday 10 September.

    SHIMURABROS are well known in Japan and across Asia and Europe for their inventive and pioneering approach to the motion picture. In the past they have created high-tech installations that allow viewers to imagine what it might have been like to experience the first moving picture over a century ago.

    With Sekilala (2006-2008), the work to be shown at PICA, the SHIMRABROS have taken their interest in the motion picture into a new realm by extending film beyond its two-dimensional limitations and employing advanced 3D technology and virtual reality programming.

    Sekilala, is a three-screen immersive video installation, shot on super 16mm, filmed in Prague and with a storyline inspired by the controversial image of a mouse with what appears to be a human ear growing on its back. A family drama in which the father is obsessed with bio-furniture erratically unfolds in multiple, fractured stories. Projected onto three screens and randomly configured in twenty-six short sequences, the same story is never experienced twice, and the viewer becomes the editor of an infinite and complex film.

    The SHIMURABROS recently received the Excellence prize for this work at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival 2009. Sekilala has also been shown this year at the The National Arts Center Tokyo and at Transgenesis (Czech Academy of Science) as well as at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2007.

    We would be delighted if any members of UWAnime would considering coming down to watch one of the screenings, and if you are interested, Edith Cowan University Lecturer Tania Visosevic will discuss the artists and this controversial Japanese work in the context of cinema and Bio Art in a special presentation to be held on Saturday 2 October at 1pm.

    SEKILALA will be in the Screen Space at PICA from 11 September–24 October 2010. Entry is FREE.

  2. Hi

    Would you be interested in posting information regarding the release of the ANIME film ‘Your Name’ only showing at Grand Cinemas Joondalup as of the 24th of November

    We would also like to invite 2 of your committee members to come on the opening night to review the film.

    Thank you in adavance


    1. We deeply apologise for the late reply. However, we have posted review of Your Name on our website and Facebook group. We aspire to promote and foster an interest and appreciation of Japanese animation throughout Perth. For future communications please use our email (uwanime@gmail.com) for a quick response.
      We look forward to work together with you in the future.
      Yours Sincerely

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