April 5th general meeting 1

Present: Tze-wen [President], Bryan [Vice President], Pokk Huan [Secretary], Lawrence [Treasurer], Ryan [OCM], AnQiang [OCM], Marie [OCM], Kathlyn [OCM], Samson [OCM]


Proxies: Paulus

Apologies: Zak [media officer], Lachlan [audit officer]


Zak arrives 11:33

Update on actionable items:

Waifu Wars:

Ryan asks what committee wants to be choices to be on the waifu wars, no one replied seriously. Serious answers need to be given to Ryan. Seasonal selections for 2018 winter season. Ryan to do it by the weekend

Manga Rental Sheet:

Zak to finish soon

Tables and Chairs:

Marie has created a document. Document to be sent to the committee chat.  Choices are

5 piece square table and chairs $49 office works, 12 months warranty. More choices to be sent to committee chat after the meeting.

Recycling Bin Repairs:

Zak to do after meeting, if not successful buy a new one.

New Aux and Wifi Dongle:

Aux cable- Ryan figured that aux cable is not the issue. Input from the front computer is having a few issues. No need to get a new one.

Wifi Dongle- built in? or external? Check motherboard of front TV. Ryan to do more research.

Designated Bag Area:

Shelves instead of cubes, Marie to research further and add it to the document

Lost and Found:

If not claimed by April 9th then lost and found will be discarded.

Clubroom Cleaning Update:

The room looks better compared to SGM period. Committee to continue maintaining the room.


Mahjong Event:

contact japssoc and unigames

Quiz Night Prep:

Not at the moment, 3 months before Quiz night, Tavern booking in June



Planned for first Friday after study break, Friday 13th. Horror anime as a theme. Suggestions to be posted to discord.  Test anime before-hand, try not to stream as unifi is unstable. Discs to be returned to owner.

Event Ideas:

Committee to decide new events

Fan fictions writing competition

Drawing competitions



General meeting:

Lewis to check constitution and to be discussed in the next meeting



People finding it too easy or too hard and marketing of quizzes need to be done.

OCM interest:

Forms to be given to OCMs and they are to fill them out.


Avoid super-chill zone.


Newsletter need to be done by Saturday

General Business:

Bryan brings up Pringle prices, and wants to reduce their price to $2.50 instead of $3

Anime reviews for this season

Date of Next Meeting:

End of April early May

Meeting ends [12:09pm]

Actionable items:

Waifu wars to be done by Ryan by the end of this week.

Zak to finish manga rental sheet but images need to be done first.

Marie to send furniture documents.

Committee to continue maintaining room.

Quiz marketing -Lewis

Paddy to contact Japssoc or Unigames to advertise to their members.

Tavern booking to be done in June – Bryan

Lewis to check constitution regarding OGM.

Anime reviews to be written regarding current spring season


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