March General Meeting 1


Present: Tze-wen [President], Bryan [Vice President], Pokk Huan (Paddy) [Secretary], Lawrence [Treasurer], Ryan [OCM], Kathlyn [OCM], Marie [OCM], Samson [OCM], Anqiang [OCM]



Apologies: Zak [Media Officer], Lachlan [Audit Officer]

Observers: 6 members

Meeting started 11:03

Zak arrives [11:35]

Update on actionable items:

Event reports/reviews:

  • Fresher Welcome:

Loft and clubroom idea was a great idea, room was cramped during the screening. Good feedback from community. Suggestion is chairs instead of getting everyone to sit on the floor.

  • Madfest:

Madman was happy with what we’ve done, panels were not that great, but quizzes were really successful. Try to avoid doing panels in the future.

  • BBQ:

Gas ran out halfway. However, 125 sausages all sold out. Bread was overbought. No signups on the day. Aim of BBQ is to socialise. Try to keep aim in mind for future BBQ’s.

  • Smash/Pokemon:

Most attendees in past tournaments were from curtin. This time, 25 entries for smash and pokemon was not so successful. This time, event was mostly attended by our own members. Pizza run was done by foot instead of car. May need to assign more people to help with the event. 3 set ups this time. May need to contact curtin smash community before future smash tournaments. Although turnups were not great, it was a good event for our community.

  • Prosh Summary:

10 people from UWAnime went. Things went smoothly. Meeting in the clubroom is a better option for future prosh. Think of a better theme for future. Closed poll for future prosh event.

New committee:

Paper work regarding new committee has been completed.

Room rearrangement:

Manga shelf between smash and table or table and television. Need to discuss.

Waifu wars/husband hustle:

Zak mentions that he doesn’t want to write posts regarding husband hustles/ waifu wars. Ryan has been assigned with the new role. Need more ideas for future themes. Seasonal Showdown etc. Discuss characters for the future polls.



EMP has been launched for the karaoke. Event will be held on Thursday. Japanese and English karaoke songs time segregation has been suggested as Japanese songs scare people away. Introduction to karaoke before the event. Song lists to be written on whiteboard and someone will put the songs into the wii-u.


Paddy is in charge of event, shortlisted helpers are: Ryan, Bryan, Lawrence and Twin. Event will be held on the 20th of April. Most likely format will just be an introductory workshop to Japanese mah-jong. Paddy will launch EMP and Book loft when ready. Sets will be brought in by Paddy and Twin.

Tokyo Alley:

Outside event done by Tokyo underground and some artists. Mainly for artists to showcase their work and sell their work.

Has been pushed back to Semester 2, $110 needs to spent to hire the undercroft. If event is happening then all committee will have to put in more effort. Food needs to be provided for the artists.

Lewis motions to spend $115 to hire the Undercroft.

Ryan seconds


In favour: Zak, Marie, Lawrence, Kathlyn and Samson


Abstain: Bryan and Paddy

New event ideas:

Cosplay workshops?

State of the room:

Microwave: needs to be cleaned regularly

Corners of the room:

Dust build up: Clean the dusty areas.

Lost and found: document it. Zak to do that

Fly issues: to be sorted out next meeting, odourless spray etc.

Broken figures: To be sorted next meeting?

Recycling bin repairs: Zak to do that during the break

New Aux and wifi dongle: Ryan to research

Designated bag area: Marie to do research


Opening schedules:

Bryan: Monday

Zak: Tuesday

Marie: Wednesday

Samson: Thursday

Kathlyn: Friday


Quizzes in the club: Bryan to write posts on FB, leader boards etc… weekly or biweekly twin is flexi

Mahjong in the clubroom: Bring to loft to play during business hours.

Manga Rental sheet: Zak over study break

Tables and Chairs: Research

General business:

Receipts pouch in committee cabinet, arranged in months for neat keeping.


Meeting during study break to be decided. Most likely Thursday 5th of April.

Meeting ends at 12:20

Actionable items:

Manga Rental sheet: Zak

Quizzes in the club: Bryan to write posts on FB and Twin to make Biweekly quizzes.

Recycling bin repairs: Zak to do that during the break

New Aux and wifi dongle: Ryan to research

Designated bag area: Marie to do research

Lost and found: document it. Zak to do that

Husbando Hustle/Waifu wars: Ryan has been assigned with the new role.


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