February General Meeting 3 28th Feb

Meeting started 10:07

Present: Tze-Wen [President], Bryan [Vice President], Paddy [Secretary], Lawrence [Treasurer], Ryan [OCM]

Apologies: Twin, Zak and Lachlan

Proxy: Paulus for Twin

Observers: 3 members



Oday Turnout

165 signups, tour didn’t work out, lots of mini-tours, a surprising number of freshers during the first week. ~10 hanging out. More than 1 booklet of cards for the next o-day to have less build-up.

Origami collab turnout

Never run a screening at 9:30, but make sure to advertise poster.  20-30 people came, pokemon tournament failed. Didn’t set a meeting point for the tournament, maybe signs i.e. origami-loft tournament-clubroom. They are happy to collab with the club again in the near future.

Payment for custom cards:

$1 additional cards from the booklet $2.50? to be sent out by email.


58% open rate. Scheduled for every Sunday.


Fresher welcome

Loft is booked. Paddy to handle clubroom. Lewis is in charge of loft. Lawrence to handle. Pizzas will be handled by Zak. Club has enough prizes for fresher welcome.

Lewis will give a speech, then split up the group. Signups to loft.

Paddy left [10:35]

Paddy returns [10:40]

Screening for fresher welcome: pop team epic? Nichijou? Konosuba? Gekkan Shojou Nozaki-kun

Bingo icebreaker, Next icebreaker to form groups to be decided and discussed.

Quizzes run a bunch of quizzes- paper quiz upstairs, audio quiz downstairs. Pizza break in between.

Karaoke after.


Sat and Sun panel is sorted. Nothing has been heard about tickets. Tickets need to be picked up on Friday by 6.

Club Carnival

Tuesday week 2 12-2pm. Need helpers.


Book after meeting for 14th of march. Lawrence to book.


EMP needs to be sorted by Lawrence, Posters for SGM.


Visuals needs to be sorted out. Helpers are needed. Pokemon side tournament.





We have 3 controllers, we need to get more controllers. Lawrence/ Lachlan

Husbando hustle

Ready for Monday- Ryan

Meeting adjourned at 11:18





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