February Meeting 2

February general meeting 2


Present: Tze-Wen [President], Bryan [Vice President], Paddy [Secretary], Lawrence [Treasurer], Zak [Media], Lachlan [Audit], Ryan [OCM], AnQiang [OCM]

Absent: N/A

Apologies: N/A

Observers: Kathlyn, Paulus comes in [12:12]

Meeting started: 11.02

Update on actionable items:

Uni-Print Credit:

Passed motion in November 2017, waiting for Lawrence to top up credit after the meeting.


Club has a camera, will find a photographer. Paddy will take photos for now.


Booklet has been written, and is ready for O-Day.

Fresher Welcome and other events EMP:

EMP has been sent out for Fresher welcome, smash still needs to be done.

I-Stand Banner:

Banner has been ditched because of lack of ram.


Has been scrapped

Member cards:

Will be printed out after the meeting. Committee will cut cards after meeting. Lamination pockets need to be bought. $80 for lamination pockets.

First Aid:

Unless physical activities are going to be planned a first aid officer is not needed.

Campus Quest:


Busy Bee:

Tenancy agreement needs to be signed.

Campad Electronics:

Decline Sponsorship. Paddy to reply.


O-Day: 23rd of Feb

Set up time is at 8am, fully set up by 9am. Actual event runs from 11-3 ish. Meet in the clubroom. Kathlyn will help out at the stall. Bring sunscreen

Potential shortlist to be made of helpers: Nick? Paulus? Prashantha? Libby? Paddy to ask and confirm with Tze.

Electronics tagging.

Extension cable, power board, laminator, fan

O-Day gift bags.

Reminders- Get freshers to like our Facebook page and make sure they know how to get to the clubroom. Free drink upon signup. Map to get to club.

Icebox needs to be brought- Ryan and Paddy to discuss.

Tour to the clubroom at 1pm.

Origami/pokefest: 27th of Feb

Screening- Lawrence research on first pokemon movie/ bryan to check his movie stash. Probably second movie, unless first is available.

Pokemon tournament 1-3pm, Lawrence and Lewis to sort out the tournaments. Best of 3 double elimination. Depending on the turnout.

Ryan and Lewis will help out with origami

Paddy to take tonnes of photos.

Fresher welcome: 2nd march

Quiz- 2 events then swap over, prizes will be sorted out at a later date

Karaoke after fresher welcome. Karaoke has been sorted and is ready to go.

1pm to 5pm

Madman: 3rd march

Ryan and Paddy to decide upon topics to talk about. Bryan to take photos. Paddy on tropes Ryan on games. Committee help on research will be appreciated.

Quiz- a little too hard. 2 easy 2 medium 2 hard

Smash: 9th march

Lawrence is in change

Barbeque: week 3 Wednesday

Lawrence to sort out BBQ

SGM: Friday after BBQ

To be planned


Project M is fixed.

Waifu wars- among committee

WordPress- update sponsors and new logo- zak to do that after member cards

MAL- Ryan to sort out the review posts.

Posts-post daily on Facebook

Club improvements- viewing list/ rules, menu, rental rules (zak to sort out improvements and to ask for assistance if needed)

Quizzes- to be done by An Qiang, physical and online quizzes. 10-20 questions weekly. Starts first week

Tenency- read rules

General advice from Lewis- wants to create a fun environment for everyone. Wants committee to push their limits and engage with members. Make an effort to talk to new members. Keep the room safe for work.

Next meeting 28th of Feb 10




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