February General Meeting 1

Feb 2018 Meeting 1

Meeting started:  10:10

Present: Tze-Wen [president], Bryan [vice-president], Lawrence [Treasurer], Paddy [Secretary], Ryan [OCM]

Apologies: Zak [media officer], Lachlan [audit officer] (over discord)

Absentees: Zak

Proxies: An Kang proxying for An Qiang [OCM] (The Twins)

Observer: Paulus

An Qiang arrives [10:58]

Lachlan left [11:10]

Zak arrives [11:35]

Updates on actionable items:

Tokyo alley:

Going to happen in May. Lewis will discuss with Regina regarding the event.

Member cards:

Bryan has started making member cards in the absence of Zak. Too late to start reprinting, just to add to the collection. However, sponsors are not up to date at the moment. Zak will look into printing out new cards to see if deadlines can be met.


Fortnightly, to be done by Paddy and others to help him out with some sections of the newsletter. Bryan to be helping out with Visuals. Update “mail-chimp” with signups. Explore other possible options


EMP needs to be sent out by end of February. Date set to be March 16th 3rd week Friday. Good time to scout potential UR members. 3 spots to fill.

Waifu wars:

Quite a pretty good turnout. Good layout. Guessing which character part didn’t make sense. Guessing game to be more streamlined and revised and prizes to be sorted out.

Change Logo:

Has not been completed yet. Will need to be completed.

Banners and I-Stand banners:

Needs Logos to happen, but can be for next year.

Club fliers for events:

Needed for O-day, MadFest etc.

Committee dinner:

Good location choice. Lewis received a lot of advice so he’s happy.

Uncharity summary:

Turn-out was good from 4pm to 12am but people walked in and out of the clubroom from 12am to morning. Event summary to be written by Lewis.

First-aid officer:

Lewis has emailed “EVENTS” still waiting for a reply.

Food item stickers:

Labels will be put in the freezer


Quote and design to be brought up at the next meeting.




O-Day 11 days’ time. Booklet needs to be done completed, have been in contact with Madman regarding member discounts to MadFest, 10% offered.

Plan on the day is to set up the table, set up the tent. Lewis wants the committee to come in at 8am on the day (23rd Feb) to come and help out. Structure to be sorted out. 1 organised tour to the club room planned. To be discussed at next meeting. Impromptu tours whenever. People in the clubroom need to be talking to socialise with freshers.

Freshers welcome:

Planned to be on 2nd of March. Lewis to assign work for freshers welcome. Split into 2 sections, icebreaker exercises, people who can do public speaking are needed. More to be discussed.


Check discord to be updated with POWA, regarding Panel and Quiz 2 sessions 1 Saturday 1 Sunday. 2 ppl per committee. Panel and Quiz. To be discussed in time. Try being more active on discord for the time being.


Planned for the 2nd week of March. Emp to be submitted.


Locations and theme to be decided.

Barbeque booking:

From feedback in the past, lunch hours are best. Hence, should be held during lunchtime. Tuesday week 2

Campus quest:

Has been contacted, but no news yet.


2 committee members need to volunteer to learn origami. Lewis and Ryan. Pokemon screening Before/after. Pokemon tournament in the club? Gold coin donation for the tournament.

Event calendar:

Events are well set out for the first 2 months. Paddy to make event calendar and add it to the newsletter.



Anime reviews need to be posted on MAL, Paddy will sort out a roster for reviews.


Lewis voices that quizzes engage with the community. So quizzes will be on paper in club-room but leaderboards will be placed on MAL.

Actionable items:

Uni-print credit: to be checked by Lawrence

Photographers: Club has a camera, Paddy has volunteered to take a few photos during O-day.

O-day Booklet: to be completed by Lewis and friends.

O-day: to be discussed at next meeting. 1 organised tour.

Fresher welcome EMP needs to be submitted. Club Collab zone/loft needs to be booked.

Smash emp needs to be submitted.

Committee to look for pokemon related prizes.

Banner to be done by Zak and Lawrence.

T-shirt quote and design, Zak and Lewis.

Lawrence to get card for frame.

meeting adjourned 12:41pm





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