January 2018 Meeting

Meeting start 10:12am

Present – Lewis, Lawrence, Bryan, Twin

Apologies – Paddy, Ryan, Lachlan

Lachlan and Zak present over discord

1.0 Update on Actionable Items

  • Smash tournament planned for the 2nd February
    • checking with Taylor for campus quest times in case of clash
    • due to low number of available of committee we cant do both events on the same day
    • May be a problem due to date of uncharity vigil
  • MAL rollout was weak and scheduling of posts now to be consistently scheduled for 6pm
  • Lewis is currently researching sound system
    • Might wait till EOFYS for purchasing
  • Project M is remains unworking
  • Volunteering being chased up
  • Deku tree is querying about Tokyo alley mascot
    • Is in contact with Lawrence
    • Zak will get in touch with him to do UWAnime mascot art for upcoming Tokyo Alley event artwork
  • Followed up details with Regina details on venue and time being organised
  • Memeber cards still being worked on
    • Business cards after discussion deemed to have limited uses and left as a side project
  • Newsletter did not work as well as desired
    • Currently is just a wall of text and need more colour
    • Bryan will write the next two letters before ODAY while Paddy is away
    • Around 1st of February and another before ODAY
    • Will be doing one more newsletter afterwards after ODay for freshers
  • Holding SGM EMP around the middle of February
  • Waifu wars base structure is finalised
    • Planning to do another waifu war around ODAY
  • Change of logo is done
    • Will wait a bit to see logo responses before making hard changes
  • Zak will work on more t shirt designs
  • STL training will be attended by available members
    • Lewis will do first aid training if he cannot arrange a temporary first aid officer for Smash Event
  • Holding Karaoke and Smash event for Uncharity Vigil for free
    • Event time 7pm-7am

2.0 Recent Updates

2.1 Madman

  • Madman is willing to give us movie tickets for Mary and the Witches Flower
  • 11 complimentary double tickets
  • 10 tickets planned for giveaway
  • 1 for committee to write promotional material

2.2 POWA

  • POWA wants to do a collab event at Mad-fest
  • Panel idea is a bit excessive
  • Interested in doing a collab; current ideas for event include an Anime quiz
  • Plan to organise with Jared & POWA committee about what we can do together

Lawrence leaves at 11:14

3.0 Events

  • O-day Booklet being worked on
    • Finer details for Oday and fresher welcome will be worked on in future meetings

  Lawrence comes back at 11:16

  • Tokyo Alley details still in discussion
  • Mad fest
    • Asking about event tickets, although sceptical after their surge of donation tickets
    • Zak going to try and get a media pass
  • Going to discuss with Tokyo Underground to see about details for Jap-fest
  • Smash event currently being organised by Lawrence
  • Holding BBQ on second week; to be booked ahead of time
  • Twin will look for a Korean BBQ restaurant for committee dinner/lunch

  Evacuated clubroom at 11:36

  Meeting restarts at 11:41

4.0 Miscellaneous

  • Clubroom layout is to be discussed
  • Revaluation on the value & relationship with Wagaya as a sponsor
  • Stickers for ice cream price labelling
    • Zak researching sticker prices and feasibility
  • Ryan has purchased pillows but didn’t get a ‘valid’ receipt
  • Next meeting planned for early February with another close to O-day

  Meeting adjourned 12:00


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