December 2017 Meeting

Meeting start at 10:01am

Present – everyone

  • Ryan + Zak over discord

Apologies – Paddy, no proxy available

1.0 Updates on previous actionable items

  • O-day stall booking has been done
  • Email to Autism Association has been sent – no reply back
    • They visited the clubroom when it was closed
    • Actionable Item Follow up to them or ask Trace
  • New member cards
    • zak currently going through previous cards to see which is popular
    • themed sheets rather than alpha order
    • wait to solidify back of the card in February in case of sponsor changes
  • Smash tournament
    • Ok from guild
    • January + Saturday
    • Actionable items Lawrence – check for other smash tournament clashes
  • MAL
    • Group done
    • Lachlan is currently cataloging the anime
    • Lawrence will help
    • Anime collection
    • Will be used for discussion, news, contests
    • Actionable items create signatures for Mal – Bryan
  • Actionable items chase up Chris on volunteering hours
  • Cushions
    • Cushions 40x40cm $20 each
    • 60x40cm for $30
    • Polyester
    • Ryan will check Malaysian stores for better deals
    • Chose Yazawa Nico as a possible Neso
  • Gamecube
    • $25 for a controller
      • Unsure if its 1st or 3rd party
  • Your name DVD has been bought
  • Tokyo alley
    • Received a ton of questions from Regina
    • Replied but yet to receive a response
    • Actionable item follow up on it as soon as possible (email Regina) and organise meeting date with her and Bronwyn -Lewis
    • 21st of December is the deadline to ask Guild
    • Business card
      • Contact card for artists
      • Use generic cards have back with all our contact details
        • Won’t be able to do until we change our logo
      • Actionable item zak will work on the cards

2.0 Club Events other than smash

  • Anime con event schedule
    • Draft Event schedule document has been done by zak
  • Holiday events
    • Special newsletter to sum up the year
    • Actionable items- Paddy is to write newsletter
    • Besides smash tournament no physical events
    • Watch anime with Uwanime on twitch???
    • Let’s play anime related games???
  • Committee dinner
    • Consider having a brunch instead
    • Hold in January
    • Actionable items Exact date decided later
  • SGM
    • Maybe week 3
    • Need enough time to see who is good for committee
    • Need to be early as well since we need more committee member
    • Have barbeque on wed? to promote the SGM on Friday
      • Barbeque during lunch hours
      • Lock in after timetables are out
    • Actionable Items Do EMP for SGM mid-February
      • Advertise only after fresher welcome
    • I stand banner
      • Design should be simple
      • Include logo + mascot
      • Just has to look good and tell them who we are (uwanime) don’t need small details
    • Fresher welcome
      • Chase up sponsors on prizes later
        • Small prizes
      • Maybe avoid raffle
    • O-day
      • Have people holding room open
      • Have a person (Lewis) running in-between to take people
        • Due to this the cross-dressing idea is scraped
        • Do it during fresher welcome
      • Rather than an organised tour at certain times, have stuff to do in clubroom
        • Smash
        • Anime quiz on the table
        • Someone in charge of anime tv

3.0 Miscellaneous

  • Project M
    • Still not fixed…
    • Melee is now broken
    • Actionable items Lawrence is to fix all this by the beginning of February preferably before January
  • MAL club
    • 1st of January
    • Visual stuff is to be done by the 28th
    • Have a waifu contest for this season
    • Actionable items Twin is to have a draft list of characters for the first competition
    • This first one acts like a trial one
    • Learn things to improve the character completion on O-day
  • Mascot name
    • Let members decide with a poll
    • Do at same time as 1k likes post
  • Sponsors
    • Contact sponsors in this list
      • Wagaya
      • White dwarf
      • Anime Kaika
      • Siren visual
      • Unibank
      • Crunchyroll
      • Utopia and Presotea
      • Hanabee?
      • Tournaments WA
    • Have contact with madman after Animelab emails
  • Mascot changes
    • Created document with potential poses
    • $100
  • 1k like post
    • Appreciation post when we reach 1k likes
    • Do poll first?
  • T-shirts
    • Helps people identify committee during events
    • Actionable items someone is to research t-shirts
    • badges are scrapped
    • maybe sell shirts in club – check for popularity
      • get a name for the mascot
      • we will then say “order only” and get orders in
      • Ryan will then get them
    • actionable item logo changes as soon as possible
    • next meeting will be early January (2nd week) – Tuesday probably

Meeting is adjourned 11:40am


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