November 2017 Meeting



Lewis [President],   Bryan [Vice President],   Lawrence[Treasurer],   Paddy [Secretary], Zak[Media officer],   Lachlan[Audit officer],   Ryan [OCM]


An ‘Twin’ Qiang [OCM] 10:41 am. Apologies was sent through email and accepted

Absent: None

1.0 Member Retention, Communications and Engagement- 10.06. am

Lewis wants to discuss what the pros and cons of 2017 were. Although, he was not on committee until late semester 2 2017, outside perspective was provided. i.e. Not enough events were run, the club committee needed to be more engaging with community within and beyond the clubroom.

Member retention and how to improve it was discussed. Committee agreed that more events needed to be run that would appeal to both introverted and extroverted members. Lewis suggested an icebreaker event to engage committee with members.

Improvement on the club’s anime and manga viewing/sharing experience i.e. to put a spotlight on anime and manga rather than games. Giving the members a reason to come to the clubroom more often.

My Anime List (MAL) raised by Ryan for the club to write reviews/communicate with the community on.

Rough event schedule will made into a google docs for committee to update and pinned to Facebook to inform community about club activities.


2.0 Orientation Day

Vote to spend $175 on a basic stall with no marquee for O-Day

Motioned: Paddy   Seconded: Zak

Vote: Passed 8-0

Verdict: Unanimous For


Paddy is in charge of booking the O-Day stall. Plans for O-Day i.e. O-Day screening etc. will be discussed for the next meeting/ closer to O-Day date.

Shortlisted members to help out with O-Day include: Matt, Wynita, Brendon and other members who will be willing to help on the day. They will be contacted closer to the date.

An Qiang (Twin) arrives [10:46am]

Bryan raised that the cards may need to be changed because of sponsors that are no longer affiliated with our club.


Vote to make new member cards for 2018 and a budget of $200 to print new cards

Motioned: Twin   Seconded: Bryan

Vote: Passed 8-0

Verdict: Unanimous For


Zak will be in charge of creating new cards featuring 2017 anime, as well as past member cards that were popular amongst the members according to past records from Bryan and updating sponsor logos. Committee will assist with cutting out the cards etc. New member list for 2018 will have to be made by Paddy to be ready for O-day.


Actionable items regarding O-Day:

Still Booking- Paddy

New member cards- Zak/Bryan

Cards design print list- Zak

Cutting up the cards: Members who are available

Methods of running O-Day will be discussed closer to O-day.


3.0 Upcoming Events

Zak brings up that No Game No Life the movie is coming out soon, and suggests that we hold an event to go watch the movie.  Lewis suggests hosting a smash tournament (summer smash) in January. Both of these events will be discussed in the next meeting.

Actionable items regarding holiday events:

Smash tournament: Lewis and Lawrence will contact guild to rent Loft


3.1 Tosche

Zak mentions that Tosche is a good event for newer committee in terns of exposure. However, Lewis raises the issue that going to too many ‘Cons’ will burn out committee. Lawrence mentions that Tosche is in the February period and hence not a good time for training as there are other major events to be executed- and that Yobe Chibicon was good enough for exposure. Lewis proposes that the club does not attend Tosche 2018.


Vote was held for not participation in Tosche 2018

Mentioned: Tze-Wen (Lewis)  Seconded: Pokk Huan (Paddy)

Vote: Passed 8-0

Verdict: Unanimous For


3.2 Madman

Lewis mentions that Madman 2018 is a ‘must-go’ event, those present agreed. Date and times have not been released yet, however, members will monitor the event date and add it to event schedule.


3.3 Comic Con

Similar to Madman, event dates have not been released. As such, members will also monitor the event date and add it to the event schedules.

Lewis mentioned that he would handle the contact emails with both Madman and Comic Con


3.4 Genghiscon

Lewis mentions that Genghiscon is a very broad ‘Western Con’ that like Tosche, may not be as beneficial to the club, and as such may cause burn out.


Existing Events

3.5 Ideas for new screenings

Lewis mentions that fortnightly screenings are not an effective event to run. Lachlan reminds that we still have run events to keep the club room. Paddy received feedback from members in the club and why they do not attend screenings- reason was that they prefer marathons more than genre screenings, which jump from anime to anime, causing them to have no idea what the plot of each anime is, and hence miss the point.

Lawrence proposes a “monthly marathon”, and Lewis proposes that screenings be run in 2-hour blocks so that members can come in and watch latest releases/what they want to watch as well as running a screening. It was agreed that more thought will be put into these suggestions in time for the next meeting.

Zak mentions that past screening failures were because they were run in the evenings, he also suggests that screenings should start in the mornings and end in the early afternoon.

Ryan suggests that the club marathons anime that are currently airing, however, Zak and Lawrence oppose to this idea- mentions ‘hype’ for the anime is already dead, and that people would have already watched them themselves. Furthermore, newly released anime is already constantly being shown on the front T.V. anyways. Zak counter proposes to dedicate a Monday where the first 3 episodes of the 3 best anime of that season are screened. Twin mentions trash screenings are still very important.


3.6 Karaoke

Lewis suggests that the club hold off karaoke events until later in the semester as karaoke events tend to scare away freshers.  Bryan suggests hosting one after the fresher welcome. Lawrence reminds that the Wii U shop will close soon. As such an alternative will need to be found.


3.7 Fresher Welcome

Fresher welcome will be discussed in detail at a later date. Twin suggests booking a room above the refectory. Ushering, and introductory video may need to be made for freshers to find our clubroom. Zak proposes splitting up the fresher group during fresher welcome- Lewis reminds that showing off the club room is important as the club room the biggest club asset. Icebreakers will be considered, and thought up prior to the next meeting. Prizes for fresher welcome will also need to be discussed at a later date.


3.8 SGM

Lewis reminds that the club SGM needs to happen. A vote will be undertaken to decide when SGM needs to happen for next meeting.


New Events

3.9 Monthly character competitions

Paddy proposed a tournament bracket system and the character that wins the tournament will have an exclusive member card made for that character as well as a screening featuring that character. Votes will be held on MAL and membership cards will be decided upon at the time. Different genres for each tournament etc.


3.10 Tokyo alley

Lewis will contact TU regarding the next Tokyo alley and how to host one at the UWA campus. Zak will contact Guild regarding possible areas to host TU. Date to be decided.



4.0  Budget, Club assets and Necessary Expenditures

Lawrence reports that the club’s budget is just under $3000 with an expected inflow of $2000 from signups and grants etc. Lewis listed a few items that would be in the club’s best interest to purchase.

Item and estimated cost:

New garbage bin- $40
New sounds system – $250-$700+
Cushions- $5-$20 each
Nintendo Switch (karaoke)- $470
Karaoke Subscription- $30 for 90 days
Gamecube controllers- $40-$180 (brand new)
I-Stand Banner $100

Estimated total cost ~$1350

Garbage bin is not a high priority. Lawrence and Ryan will research cushion prices. Nintendo switch not a high priority until Wii U shop closes. Lawrence will handle karaoke subscription. A few Gamecube controllers need fixing/maintenance. Lawrence proposes to buy a broken controller for $20. Zak wants to budget $100 to buy cheaper second-hand controllers/ fix controllers.

Bryan left [11.57] Bryan arrives again [12.00]

Prices for gamecube controller will be discussed in the next meeting after research has been one. I-Stand banner will be bought after artwork for it has been completed.

Bryan and Zak will think of new logo designs and a budget will be set aside for it when logo design has been conducted.

Zak proposes selling club “junk” to clear room/ storage space, this will be discussed in the next meeting.

Paddy mentions that clubroom layout needs to be changed before Oday so there’s more room for people to move about. Club layout will be changed right after the meeting.

Lewis raises that a $20 budget needs to be set aside for a new Wifi card. Ryan and Lawrence will look into this.

Twin, Ryan, Bryan and Lachlan will handle updating the anime on the front T.V.

Manga and Anime renting rules as well as clubroom conduct rules need to be printed.


5.0 Media

Lewis set up a media subcommittee consisting of:

  • Zak
  • Bryan
  • Paddy
  • Ryan
  • To be decided

Zak mentions that the subcommittee will handle responses on Facebook, Emails as well as update the website and MAL.

Ryan suggests that all committee should contribute to MAL.

Bryan suggests more channels in Discord dedicated to games.

Kimi no Nawa will be bought by Zak and Lewis after the meeting as it’s on discount budget of ~$30 has been set aside to buy it from JB Hi-Fi.

A new prospectus regarding “Sponsor Run” will be completed by Lewis.

A new mascot has been drawn up by Regan’s friend, Beverly Wang, a vote was put in to change the mascot.


Vote to change the club mascot to the new design provided by Beverly Wang

Mentioned: Tze-Wen   Seconded: Paddy

Vote: Passed 8-0

Verdict: Unanimous For


Mascot’s name to be decided.


The club was contacted by Autism Association, stating that they have members who are very interested in anime. Lewis proposes that we do special events to cater for their interest.

Lecture theatre booking will be looked into. Paddy and Lewis will reply the email.


6.0 Miscellaneous

Committee dinner date, time and place to be decided in the next meeting.


Actionable items:

Stall Booking- Paddy

New member cards- Zak/Bryan

Cards design print list- Zak

Cutting up the cards: Members who are available

Loft Smash tournament- Lawrence and Lewis

Fresher welcome- To be decided

Character competitions- Paddy

Nesoberris/cushion research- Ryan

Gamecube controllers- Lawrence and Lewis

Mascot name needs to be decided

SGM time and date needs to be decided

Committee not listed here have not been assigned specific work but will continue to work nonetheless


Votes held: 

Vote to spend $175 on a basic stall with no marquee for O-Day

Vote: Passed 8-0

Vote to make new member cards for 2018 and a budget of $200 to print new cards

Vote: Passed 8-0

Vote was held for not participation in Tosche 2018

Vote: Passed 8-0

Vote to change the club mascot to the new design provided by Beverly Wang

Vote: Passed 8-0

Meeting adjourned 12:51pm


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