Yotsuba&! Manga Review


Yotsuba to!

Post by Zak

Many people often criticise Anime and Manga for how it fuels escapism and the negative consequences of escaping real life. While there is a grain of truth to their arguments, there is also truth in some of the positive consequences of escapism when done right. Being honest, the adult world sucks sometimes and the stress can drive many people to sadness and depression. Sometimes its good to take a brief vacation from the stresses of everyday life and be consumed by a stress-free world of fun and laughter. As we are approaching Exam’s and Assessment Due dates why not give yourself a much needed pick me up and check out a classic comedy series that will lift your spirits. Yotsuba&! is a hidden comedy gem of the Manga world that few have heard of but everyone falls in love with as soon as they read it.  The manga will teleport you back into the world of a 5 year old with its hilarious comedy and moments of innocence that will melt the stress away. If you need a stress relieving manga to pick up and read casually make sure to check out our four volumes of Yotsuba&! here in the club room.

Yotsuba is an excitable 5 year old girl, who’s curiosity and naivete gets her into tons of hilarity filled adventures and fun . When she and her father move towns, Yotsuba finds herself in a whole new environment to explore with many fun and interesting adventures to come. Join Yotsuba as she shows her new friends and those around her how to make everyday fun and enjoyable.

There are few manga out there that are as side-splittingly funny as Yotsuba&! and it seems to be very widely received despite humour being  subjective. I think this is down to the very human core that Yostuba&!‘s comedy has. One of the many types of jokes the manga employs is it’s Yotsuba reaction gags which I particularly enjoyed no matter the scenario. Behind this type of gag and all the others used in the manga, is a relatable perspective which is then used for comedic effect. The wide range of perspectives used its gags is what I believe gives Yotsuba&! such a wide range of fans and the masterful comedic sense of Kiyohiko Azuma turns almost every joke into a side-splitter. No matter what type of comedy fan you are, you’ll likely find something in this manga that you’ll find yourself enjoying.

Yotsuba&! is a great series to sit down and read for however long you need. There is no real plot to the story and each scenario that Yotsuba finds herself in lasts for only a couple chapters at a time. This is a great series to read casually every now and then or as a binge read series if you really want to make your ribs feel sore in the morning. We have four of the ongoing 13 volumes which you can find at YenPress in both Digital and Paperback. Make sure to check out Yostuba this week or any other time when you need it here in the clubroom, and get ready next week for some terrifying space cockroaches in Terra formars

yotsuba funny 4

Find the rest of Yotsuba&! over at YenPress:



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