My Hero Academia Manga Review

Boko no coverpage

Boku No Hero Academia

Post by Zak

My Hero Academia, more commonly referred to by it’s Japanese name Boku no Hero Academia (Boku no Hero for short), is an exciting Shonen series that is one of the most popular Shonen Jump series in Japan and world wide. Back in 2014 when it was announced that Naruto’s  manga was ending many were looking for what Shonen series will take over as the next Weekly Shonen Jump sensation. Naruto fans didn’t have to look hard however as Boku no Hero was fresh off the prints and already showing off how amazing it was with amazing characters, epic action, deep meaning and comedy in spades. Almost 3 years on Boku no Hero is supremely popular in Japan and around the world, regularly competing with the likes of One Piece, Haikyuu and Food Wars every week for No 1 in the the WSJ rankings. Make sure to check out the first 3 volumes of Boku no Hero Academia this week in our manga library.

Boku no Hero centres around young aspiring superhero Izuku Midoriya (Deku).  He aspires to become a Hero just like his superhero idol “All Might”, however when he finds out he was born without quirk.In a world where superpowers or “quirks” are becoming more and more common worldwide, Deku becomes socially ostracised as the only quirkless student in his class. However despite his impediment he still strives to become a Hero and one day he is put in a dire position watching Katsuki Bakugou about to die from a monster attack. Instead of running away from danger he charges head first into action to save Katsuki despite being unable to do anything. Unaware to Deku at the time, his act of heroism is being watched by All Might himself who saves them in a nick of time. Seeing a bit of himself in young Deku, All Might reveals to our young protagonist a secret that will change Deku’s fate forever.

For those who’ve never read Boku no Hero or seen the anime this is a must read if you find yourself loving inspiring hero stories, villains with lots of depth and superheroes/comics. With everything from laugh out loud comedy to jaw dropping moments of pure epicness, Boku no Hero is a manga that branches the gap between traditional comics and the Shonen Anime we all love so much (DBZ, One Piece, Naruto ect). With chapters coming out weekly and season 2 of the anime currently airing for 19 more episodes there is no better time to jump into this Shonen Jump manga that will surely be ongoing for years to come. Read the 3 volumes of manga we have in the club room atm and you’ll find yourself practically caught up with the anime with the two paths converging at Episode 16 of 3 of season 2 so watch from Episode 4/17 onward after Volume 3.

Personally, I found myself hooked on this manga from chapter 1, with its inspiring backstory it gave the protagonist Deku. With a fantastic Protagonist and deep morals behind every villain, I was enjoying every chapter throughout all 3 Volumes and beyond. If you have a friend whose not into Anime but loves Comics and Superhero movies, this can be a great way to bond over a superhero tale that brighten ups the current trend of dark superhero blockbusters, bringing back the comedy and lovable heroes. Remeber to check out Volumes 1-3 of My Hero Academia here in the club room and get ready next week for the lovable mischief maker Yostuba.

why helo ther batmanCheck out the rest of the series through VIZ’s Website


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