D.Gray-man Manga Review

D gray man volmu 1


Post by Zak

Have you ever had that phase were grown tired of Shonen? Few series provide a more powerful and rejuvenating reintroduction to the Shonen genre than D.Gray-man. The manga by the end of volume 1 will leave you excited and reminded again of what we all love about the genre. If you want to revisit your love of Shonen or you just want to read an amazing Shonen epic, why not check out D.Gray-man. Unfortunately we don’t have the complete collection of D.Gray-man and only have 2 volumes in the club room. However, trust me when I say the first two volumes are a tangling read that will get you hooked from chapter 1, and should not be underestimated. If you find yourself needing for more after reading our two volumes check out Madman‘s website or go to Viz directly for purchasing the volumes yourself.

In a fictional 19th century England, a mysterious figure of a round man with a top-hat and umbrella wanders the moonlit skyline. He is the Millennium Earl, an ancient being who brought into this world the demons commonly known as Akuma. Created from torture souls of those who’ve had a meeting with the Millennium Earl, Akuma are powerful weapons whose sole purpose is to destroy humanity. Those who chose to combat this threat are the Exorcists. Together they fight to retrieve powerful Anti-Akuma weapons known as shards of “Innocence” to turn the tide in battle. Our story follows Allen Walker,  a strange young boy who becomes an Excorcist at the recommendation of his even stranger master Mana. Allen brings with him a secret that will soon turn the tide in the upcoming battles for the fate of humanity.

D.Gray-man is an addicting series to read and for me the one-shot style of the the first chapter got me hooked immediately. In that one chapter alone the manga gave a better introduction to a series than almost any other Shonen I’ve read. With some amazing storytelling and atmosphere the manga managed to make me feel sad, intrigued and excited in no less than 60 pages. And I was glad to find that this stellar exhibition of storytelling was replicated throughout the plot of D.Gray-man and it never got stale or formulaic. While some of its elements may not be entirely original the journey of reading D.Gray-man is very entertaining and it only gets better the more you get to know the characters.

The cast of D.Gray-man is absolutely fantastic. With almost every character, be it hero or villain, they are all interesting with plenty of background and quirk to each of them to find yourself at least finding 1 or more favourite characters you’ll love. A particular part of D.Gray-man‘s characters is how everyone has additional layers to their character that are often unpredictable and add depth each characters motives. This aspect of D.Gray-man‘s characters and their development makes following them through the manga that much more entertaining, as the long plot is supported by energising moments of character development.

The final aspect I found truly remarkable about this manga is the art. The art-style of  D.Gray-man is very clean in it’s polish yet it still manages to convey passion, sadness pain and other emotions very well. The design of the characters is also fantastic as it successfully conveys so much of the character through their design while also showing transformation as the characters develop, change mood and age with time. In climaxes and, in moments of action, the epicness of Hoshino Sensei’s art takes another step, as his skill and crisp detail work shines through with eyeopening moments of awesomeness that get the blood pumping.

D.Gray-man is a top tier shonen series with amazing art and fantastic story telling. It combines the best elements of Yokai and Shonen together to form a manga that will get you hooked into the characters, invested in the story and addicted from chapter 1. D.Gray-man has one of the best starts for a Shonen series where you’ll find yourself hooked right at the start and the plot lines and characters keep on getting better and better. Add into that fantastic art that and you have one amazing manga that will keep you addicted for the whole series. Don’t forget to check out D.Gray-man in our library and to get ready for a Shonen that takes the best Shonen has to offer and updates it to a whole new genre, Boku no Hero Academia


D gray man epic

Link to Madman’s catalogue of D.Gray-man Volumes


Viz’s online offers



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