April 2017 Meeting #1



Location:                   UWAnime Clubroom

Date:                           1st April 2017

Present:                    Chris (President), Lawrence(Treasurer), Paulus (Secretary), Bryan (OCM), Kayla (OCM), Lachlan (OCM), Matt (OCM), Zak (OCM)

Late:                            Lawrence (Left at 12:24pm)

Apologies:                Regan(Vice President)

Absent (No Apologies Received): N/A

Observers: N/A

Meeting Commenced: 10.00 am


AC2 – Meeting 3: Manga preview and review titles has been changed to “Manga Reviews”. Posting time has changed from Thursday 3pm to Monday 3pm. Thursday release was delayed to the 1st of April. Will carry over to Meeting 11 for any other changes.

AC1 – Meeting 8: Legislation of Fresher Rep Clause will occur during a general meeting but changes will be discussed today. See Section 4.

AC3 – Meeting 8: Bryan and Kayla went to Comic-con on the 26th of March.

AC4 – Meeting 8: Designated events list will be updated today. See Section 5.

AC6 & 10 – Meeting 8: Regan has forwarded a budget to Chris. The budget for the Mono-tama poster and frame is $54.

Vote for: Unanimous.
Vote Passed.

Actionable Item 1: Purchase the Mono-tama poster and frame.

The budget for the Studio Ghibli poster is $40. Will carry over to Meeting 11 to discuss.

AC7 – Meeting 8: Regan has collected 500 fliers from Tokyo Underground.

AC1 – Meeting 9: Guild has a badge making machine. Will carry over to Meeting 11 to discuss.

Actionable Item 2: Paulus is to check the details about the badge making machine.

AC2 – Meeting 9: Repair is pending. Will carry over to Meeting 11.

AC3 – Meeting 9: Chris has printed election forms for the SGM.

AC4 – Meeting 9: Lawrence set up karaoke for the 24th of March

AC5 – Meeting 9: Regan has asked Bronwyn to help transport the ramune for Comic-Con. In addition, she also provided a trolley to help transport the ramune.

AC6 – Meeting 9: Bryan has completed the QR code and questions.

AC7 – Meeting 9: Chris has contacted Static Fluff and Comic-Con management in regards to the QR code

AC8 – Meeting 9: Chris has submitted the screening poster.

AC9 – Meeting 9: Regan has booked a lecture room for the screening

AC10 – Meeting 9: Regan has submitted an EMP for the screening

AC11 – Meeting 9: Regan has submitted a poster before the screening

AC12 – Meeting 9: Chris has contacted the owners of the licencing rights of the movies to find no-one holds the licencing rights in Australia.

AC13 – Meeting 9: Lawrence has yet to recruit members to assist in the smash tournament. Will carry over to Meeting 11.

AC14 – Meeting 9: Meeting date has been decided on the 1st of April.

AC15 – Meeting 9: Bollywood movie and bootleg dvds has been thrown away

AC16 – Meeting 9: Subscription renewal pending. Will carry over to Meeting 11.

AC17 – Meeting 9: Chris has asked JapSoc regarding the magazines. JapSoc has decided on taking the magazines.

AC18 – Meeting 9: New event types will be discussed today. See Section 3.

AC19 – Meeting 9: Maintenance manual is being edited and formatted by Chris. Will carry over to Meeting 11.

AC20 – Meeting 9: Recording the bin bag size still pending. Will carry over to Meeting 11.

AC21 – Meeting 9: The committee has read the current constitution.


1. LUNA LEEDERVILLE (A SILENT VOICE) – 6th and 7th of April: Chris outlines the details. 2 members are needed on the 6th and the 7th of April. Bryan and Lachlan will be attending on the 7th of April. Zak will be attending on the 6th of April. 6 questions will need to be written for each day.

Actionable Item 3: Obtain another member to attend the screening on the 6th of April.

2. MOVIE SCREENING – 7th of April: Regan is managing the screening. Chris will be helping him for the event. Karaoke will follow the screening.

3. TENANCY MEETING/BUSY BEE – 8th of April: Chris and Regan will be going to the tenancy meeting and busy bee. Other committee members are encouraged to attend the busy bee.

4. FORTNIGHTLY SCREENING – 14th of April: Lachlan is managing the screening. He has to submit the poster for the screening.

Actionable Item 4: Lachlan is to submit the poster for the screening.

5. SMASH TOURNAMENT – 28th of April: Lawrence is managing the event. Matt will be helping him for the event. Lawrence must submit an emp and the poster. He must also plan out the details for the event. Chris will need Lawrence to write a report regarding the tournament after the event has taken place.

Actionable Item 5: Lawrence is to plan the tournament.

Actionable Item 6: Lawrence is to book a room for the event if necessary.

Actionable Item 7: Lawrence is to submit the emp for the event.

Actionable Item 8: Lawrence is to submit the poster for the event.


  1. Panel: Chris is planning for a panel event. The committee must reach out to potential people for the panel.

Actionable Item 9: The committee must reach out to potential people for the panel event.

  1. Marathon: Chris is planning for a marathon. He will have a marathon for Code Geass during the study break to test the event. This will occur on the 20th of April starting at 5:30 with a dinner break. Chris will be managing the event.

Actionable Item 10: Chris is to submit the emp for the event.

Actionable Item 11: Chris must contact Wagaya for reservations.

  1. Let’s Play: Regan suggests for a horror game let’s play event. This will be kept as an informal event.
  2. Sports Event: Regan suggests a sports event. Will carry over to meeting 11 as Regan is currently absent. Chris suggests that the club should consider doing Relay for Life.
  3. Micro-volunteering event: Chris suggests that the club should do a micro-volunteering event.


The following amendments were discussed and approved by committee. They will be pinned for voting at a later date.


Amendment 1: Article 18.1. to be amended to reflect the changes to the committee size: “The quorum of the Committee shall be five, of whom at least two shall be office bearers.”

Amendment 2: Article 7. to be amended to “Revocation of Membership.”

Amendment 3: Article 7.1. to be amended to “The Committee may revoke membership of any member or associate member, by a three-fourths majority, should that member have acted in a manner contrary to the best interest of the UWA Anime Club, and in the event, shall deliver the notice in writing to the person concerned forthwith.”

Amendment 4: Article 7.2. to be amended to “Any person with their membership revoked shall have the right to appeal to a General Meeting for the reinstatement of their membership, by a three-fourths majority, excepting if their membership has been revoked more than once.”

Amendment 5: Article 7.3. to be added: “A person with their membership revoked shall be unable to re-apply for membership for the period of one calendar year.”

Amendment 6: Article 12.4. to be added: “Only Ordinary Members of the club who are members of the Guild and enrolled for the entire upcoming academic year on UWA Crawley campus are eligible for election as Executive Committee.”

Amendment 7: Article 12.5. to be added: “No Executive Office Bearer can hold more than one position simultaneously.”

Amendment 8: Article 12.6. to be added: “Nothing in this Constitution prevents Executive Office Bearers from serving more than one term consecutively, excepting the President, should they be re-elected.” The term limits is required to be discussed in the future.

Amendment 9: Article 13.2. to be added: “The Committee in meeting may dismiss any member of Elected Committee where, in the opinion of three quarters of the members of the Committee present and voting, that Elected Committee has:

(a) Consistently failed adequately to discharge the duties of that position; or

(b) Been absent from three consecutive Committee Meetings without providing a reasonable explanation; and

(c) Been given at least seven days‘ notice of that Committee Meeting; and

(d) Been accorded the opportunity to be present and to speak at that Committee Meeting.”

Amendment 10: Article 13.2.1. to be added: “A Returning Officer, who is:

  • A long-time member of the club, preferably past committee; or

(b) A member assigned to the club via guild

Will be required and a secret ballot must be used.”

Amendment 11: Article 13.1.1. to be amended to: “The office bearers.”

Amendment 12: The phrase “office bearers” to be amended to: “executive office bearers.”

Amendment 13: Article 13.1.4. to be added: “The appointed office bearers which will be selected from the elected OCMS shall consist of:

(a) PR Manager.

(b) Librarian.

(c) Reviewer.

Amendment 14: Article 24.1.5. to be added: “Render an account at each meeting of the Committee of all receipts and payments since the previous meeting.”

Amendment 15: Article 2.1.1. to be amended to: “To promote and foster an interest and appreciation of quality Japanese dialogue (with, wherever possible, English subtitles to assist the comprehension of non-Japanese language proficient viewers).”


Amendment 1: Article 4. to be added: “Specific Voting Rules via E-mail.”

Amendment 2: Article 4.1 to be added: “When a vote is passed through via e-mail, there will be:

(a) A 24 hour window for discussion and questions; and

(b) A further 72 hours for voting.”

Amendment 3: Article 4.2 to be added: “After the voting time has lapsed, the vote will either be:

(a) Passed or defeated via quorum; and

(b) If the vote has been defeated or has not been concluded, the vote shall not be brought up for the next 24 hours.”

Amendment 4: Article 5 to be added: “The Anime Club must adhere to certain guidelines such as:

(a) The Online Guidelines; and

(b) The Member Code of Conduct; and

(c) The Committee Code of Conduct.”

Actionable Item 12: Lawrence must provide the committee the financial standings of the club next meeting.

Actionable Item 13: Chris is to write portfolios in the by-laws.

Actionable Item 14: Paulus is to set up google docs for the Online Guidelines, the Member Code of Conduct and Committee Code of Conduct.


Designated events were updated and discussed.

Actionable Item 16: Chris is to talk to the other clubs regarding the collaboration event.

Actionable Item 15: Chris is to submit an EMP on Monday for the marathon during study break.

Actionable Item 17: The committee is to decide who is to help on the BBQ.

Actionable Item 18: Paulus is to confirm with Regan regarding the Fortnightly screening on the 11th of August.

6. Miscellaneous

  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: The committee meeting will be decided on a later date but will take place during the study break.

Actionable Item 19: All committee members is to e-mail their timetable to Chris.


Inventory: No missing items in the anime and manga library. The manga library will be checked weekly and the anime library will be checked fortnightly.

Actionable Item 20: The committee is to check the manga library weekly.

Drinks: Most popular drinks are soy, lychee, chrysanthemum tea and lemon ice tea. Percentages for optimisation must be done for next meeting.

Actionable Item 21: Lawrence is to provide the percentages for optimisation for the next meeting.

Ice-cream: Ice-creams have been selling well, bar the Paddle Pop and Life Savers.

Foods/Snacks: Smiths and Red Rock Deli sell the most. Lollies, chocolates and biscuits are selling badly.

Actionable Item 22: Lawrence is to create a google spreadsheet for the food and drinks inventory.

3. WEEKLY REVIEWS: Discussed during the meeting. See Section1. AC2-Meeting 3. Consider doing the manga reviews as a video.

4. RECONSIDERATION OF MANGA/ANIME DEPOSIT: Zak considers lowering the price for the manga/anime deposit to encourage more members to read the manga we have in the manga library. Chris suggest we construct a document regarding the guidelines before we consider the deposit cost again.

Actionable Item 23: Paulus is to set up a google doc for the rental rules for the manga/anime library.

5. CONVENTION BUDGET: Kayla informs the committee of the details of the convention set up. The committee discusses their recommendations on the set up.

Vote for the convention budget (See above) to be under $250.

Vote for: Unanimous.
Vote Passed.

Actionable Item 24: Regan is to design a sketch up of the convention set-up.

6. DISCORD: Paulus has requested the discord link to be placed in the group description.

Actionable Item 25: Chris is to place the discord link to the group description.


Game City: Chris informs the members of committee that Game City is relocating.
Meeting ends 12:39am


Object Quantity Price
3-Tier Brochure Holder 1 $41.99
Table Cloth black 1 $9.00
Sign Holder 1 $13.28
Roller Trolley Cart 1 $32.97
Trestle Table length Bi-fold W:736, L:1835, H:736mm 1 $39.90
Total   $137.14

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