A Silent Voice Movie Review (The Shape of Voice)

Koe no katachi

Koe no Katachi

Post by Zak

As we reach the halfway mark for the semester many of us are starting too feel tired and need a break. How bout instead of reaching for that Kit Kat you go and grab a ticket to one of the best Anime movies to come out last year. Koe no Katachi or A Silent Voice is an outstanding movie with great animation and directing by Kyoto Animation’s Naoko Yamada (K-On & Tamako Love Story). A Silent Voice is an inspiring teen drama about a young boy growing up and dealing with serious real life issues such as bullying and suicide. It tells a compelling tale filled with complex characters and great depth to its plot that isn’t being spoon fed to the audience.

The one aspect of the movie that I found myself encapsulated with was how real the characters felt. The Voice acting work was amazing from the entire cast, with even minor characters like the teacher having their entire character expressed through just their voice. The voice acting by Saori Hayami of Shouko Nishimiya in particular fantastic, as she somehow she managed to express the awkward yet desperate and emotion voice of a deaf girl, without showing any disrespect to the real people who live with that condition. The body animation done for this film was great with lots of attention paid to subtle aspects of each character from their walk cycles to their individual mannerisms. KyoAni really put in a lot of effort towards making this the movie very immersive to watch and it is a treat to the eyes. Putting these two aspects of the movie together really brought to life the characters of this film and it makes their story all the more real.

Topping off this masterpiece of a Anime film for me was how smoothly this movie adapted the plot of the original manga. The manga when I first read it was a breathtaking experience with expressive panel work but more importantly it had excellent pacing that support the heavy and emotional story. The story’s themes are sad and the manga had no real stopping points from which the movie could’ve ended partway, so saying pacing was important for this movie is not something to be taking lightly. But thankfully to my surprise, the film was paced superbly and it exceeded my expectations because how good of a job the staff at KyoAni did.  They staggeringly manages to fit the entire 64 chapter manga into only 2 hours and 10 minutes, while not feeling rushed or slow. Thankfully no changes were made to the manga’s plot, apart from the shortening of the epilogue, and myself and other fans of the manga are thankful in return. Watching the movie felt great the whole way through and I thouroughly enjoyed the experience; although if I did want to be nit picky the soundtrack for me failed in supporting and drawing out the sadness in the emotional scenes

A Silent Voice is a really great movie. Technically it is brilliant with excellent execution of nearly all aspects of the production, with a fantastic job done towards bringing the characters and the setting to life. Story wise it is as ever amazing with no deviations from the manga with an excellent pace that kept the audience glued the for the movies entire length. This is a great movie to watch that will entertain just about anyone, and bring you to tears if you’ve been feeling depressed. Unfortunately tonight screening is sold out but if you have already going we’ll see you there tonight.

Thank you to our sponsor Tokyo Underground for giving us the chance to see this movie, and we also thank Luna Leederville for screening this fantastic movie.


Check out Luna Leedereville’s website for a fantastical movie experience:


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