Absolute Boyfriend Manga Review

zettai kurshi

Zettai Kareshi

Post by Zak

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“Ever wanted to try out Shojo manga?”

“Ever wanted to try out reading Bishonen?”

“Don’t have the time?”

“My dear friend … why not try this!”

“The ever popular and always entertaining manga Absolute Boyfriend!”

“For only reading 6 short volumes you’ll be right on your way to understanding the maiden heart of a young gal and being thoroughly entertained along the way. Indeed this is an ideal gateway drug that’ll get you right along in a jiffy towards discovering the greatness that is Yuu Watase, Shojo and Bishonen manga all in one!”

“Don’t forget for an unlimited time only you’ll be able to check out this amazing product here in the club room for the outrageous price of FREE!”

*This has been a public service announcement sponsored by the UWAnime club Perth*

Ever been rejected by a hot guy, Rikko Izawa feels for you. Shes been asking out tons of hot and unattainable guys and got rejected every time. However, her luck seemed to pick up when she found a lost cell phone with a strange cosplaying business man on the other end. After returning his phone to him Rikko gets offered anything she wants at a great discount, and what do you think any young maiden would want. She asks for a boyfriend and she’s directed to a website where she picks the mysterious Night model for a free 3 day trial. The next day when she gets back from school a large package is waiting for her in her room … ;D. Discover the greatness that is this classic romance manga with gorgeous Bishonen, heart wrenching romance and a short but enjoyable story about a girl and her android.

It’s not about the length of your manga, its how you use it.

Absolute Boyfriend (or Zettai Kareshi in the Nipponese dialect of Engrish) is one of those quick and enjoyable manga you read when you wan’t to try something new. With a quick but great start and a beautiful ending, we have here one of the best gateway manga into the realms of Shojo and Bishonen. It doesn’t drag out too long and it gives you a nice taster of the hidden appeal that Shojo manga has to offer. With great romance and fantastic character chemistry you’ll find yourself getting surprisingly drawn into this bishonen fantasy world. Whether you want a quick manga with some great eye candy, touching romance and lighthearted comedy make sure to check the manga out. If you’ve ever wanted to try out this genre and need something quick and easy to get your feet wet, this is the manga for you. With a 6 Volume / 36 chapter length you’ll be able to knock this out easily within the week, so why not try it out. Yuu Watase is an amazing mangaka with great art and many outstanding works that are easy to transition into that will leave a lasting impression for years to come. However, she does have her mediocre works here and there, and sadly for me that includes Absolute Boyfriend as it the depth and ending was a bit off .. sorry “(ノ”_ _)ノ””” . This is mostly forgivable and but I still did find Absolute Boyfriend to be kinda average as there is so much better competition around it and I’m not really the target audience. But despite this I still had a fun time, don’t forget try out the manga this week and see if this simple love triangle will brighten your day.

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