March 2017 Meeting #3



Location:                   UWAnime Clubroom

Date:                           21st March 2017

Present:                    Regan(Vice President), Lawrence(Treasurer), Bryan (OCM), Paulus (Interim Secretary), Zak (OCM)

Late:                            Chris (Interim President) Arrived at 10:12am

Apologies:                Matt (OCM), Lachlan (OCM)

Absent (No Apologies Received): N/A

Meeting Commenced: 10.00 am


AC2 – Meeting 3: Reviews are still pending. Will carry over to Meeting 10

AC1 – Meeting 7: Lachlan called Dominos on the 2nd of March regarding the pizzas for Fresher Welcome.

AC2 – Meeting 7: List of anime was compiled for Fresher Welcome, however, only two anime was aired during the Fresher Welcome.

AC3 and 4 – Meeting 7: Chris and Regan talked to Tokyo Underground about the badges. A copy of the club logo is to be provided for the badges. Tokyo Underground don’t mind making the badges more than once so the committee will have to ask them to make another badge after the mascot has been completed.

ACTIONABLE ITEM 1: The committee is to provide Tokyo Underground with the club logo for the badges.

AC5 – Meeting 7: Chris and Azman has contacted Tokyo Underground about sponsor items for the Madman Festival.

AC6 – Meeting 7: Azman printed 150 sign-up sheets on the 2nd of March for the Madman Festival.

AC1 – Meeting 8: Legislation of a fresher representative clause is still pending. Will carry over to Meeting 10.

AC2 – Meeting 8: Bryan has submitted the karaoke poster on the 16th of March.

AC3 – Meeting 8: Bryan is able to attend Comic-Con on the 26th of March. Another committee must attend and this will be decided after the sgm.

AC4 – Meeting 8: Updating the list of designated events is still pending. Will carry over to Meeting 10.

AC5 – Meeting 8: Paulus has updated the list of manga and anime with the donations from Azman on the 13th of March. See Meeting 8 Section 8 for the list of donations.

AC6 – Meeting 8: Purchase of the frames and hooks for the poster is pending. Regan says he might be able to get them next week.

AC7 – Meeting 8: An order to print out 500 more fliers from Tokyo Underground has been completed. The club is waiting for the fliers to be printed before pick up.

AC8 – Meeting 8: Regan has completed the renovations report on the 19th of March. Zak will repair one of the chairs during the study break.

Actionable Item 2: Zak is to repair the chair during the study break.

AC9 – Meeting 8: Chris has completed the Sponsor/O-Day/Fresher Welcome report on the 17th of March. 5 copies were printed and handed them to the club’s sponsors on the 20th of March.

AC10 – Meeting 8: Budget for the framing of the Mono-Tama poster is still pending. Will carry over to Meeting 10.

  1. PROSH – 22nd MARCH: Zak, Chris and Regan will be attending Prosh. They will enter the clubroom early to leave their bags behind in the clubroom. Paulus and Lawrence are to keep the clubroom open as per normal.

    2. SGM – 24th MARCH: Current list of candidates is with Chris. Applications will be closed on the 23rd of March. The election forms must be printed out prior to the SGM.
    ACTIONABLE ITEM 3: The committee is to print the election forms prior to the SGM.3. KARAOKE – 24th MARCH: Matt is in charge of the karaoke event. The karaoke must be set up prior to the 24th of March.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 4: Lawrence must set up the karaoke by the 24th of March.4. JAPAN FESTIVAL – 25th MARCH: Regan and Chris are going.

    5. OZ COMIC-CON – 25th & 26th MARCH: Lawrence and Zak are going on the 25th of March. Bryan will be going on the 26th of March. Another member is to be selected to attend after the SGM (See AC3 – Meeting 8).

    Chris brings up the issue of transporting the ramune from the clubroom to Comic-Con. Regan says he will ask Bronwyn if she can do so for us.ACTIONABLE ITEM 5: Regan will ask Bronwyn if she can help transport the ramune for Comic-Con.

    Chris asks for the QR Quest to be prepared before Comic-Con. Since none of the club’s sponsors are going, the club may approach Static Fluff for the first location of our QR Quest and the committee will have to ask the Comic-Con management for the other two locations for the QR Quest.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 6: The committee must complete the QR Code and questions before the 25th of March.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 7: Chris is to contact Static Fluff and the Comic-Con management in regards to the QR Code.

    Chris informs the committee that the club stall will be next to POWA and that POWA are willing to help if anything were to happen.

    6. SCREENING EVENT – 31st MARCH: Chris is managing the screening. He will submit the poster on the 22nd of March. He will also make a banner for the facebook page and group.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 8: Chris is to submit the screening poster.

    7. MOVIE SCREENING – 7th APRIL: Regan is managing the screening. The screening will occur in a lecture theatre and will probably consist of one or two movies. Regan is to book a lecture room and submit the EMP for the screening. He also has to submit posters and banners. The owners of the licencing rights are to be contacted regarding the screening of the movie.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 9: Regan must book a lecture room for the screening.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 10: Regan must submit an EMP for the screening.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 11: Regan must submit a poster before the screening.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 12: Regan must contact the owners of the licencing rights of the movies he will screen.

  2. SMASH TOURNAMENT – 28th APRIL: Lawrence informs the committee that he wants to ask 2 more committee members to help him with the smash tournament. Chris informs him that he can ask any of the members to help, especially the members who are familiar with smash. If these members choose to help, they will be unable to participate in the tournament and must be informed of such.ACTIONABLE ITEM 13: Lawrence is to recruit members to help with the smash tournament.
  1. Miscellaneous
  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: To be decided after the SGM.ACTIONABLE ITEM 14: The committee is to decide on the next meeting date after the sgm.2. DVDS/VCRS: Trigun dvds, volumes 1-8 are empty. VCRs are to be given away as a prize. The Bollywood movie is to be thrown away. The bootleg dvds are to be thrown out too.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 15: The committee is to throw away the Bollywood movie and bootleg dvds.

    3. SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL: Lawrence is to renew the subscriptions for AnimeLab and Crunchyroll. The details of the previous subscription is to be changed. Crunchyroll must be renewed by the 27th of July. AnimeLab must be renewed by the 31st of August.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 16: Lawrence is to renew the subscriptions for AnimeLab and Crunchyroll.

    4. Weekly Reviews: Marketing changes include changing the cover page of the manga to a photo of the manga itself when posting on Facebook. The reviews are back to being weekly.

    5. Sale Optimisation: Regan has sent an excel document to Lawrence. No summaries can be currently provided as it has only been one week. Someone needs to get the information to Lawrence on Thursday.

    6. Manga/Anime Inventory: The inventory is to be taken fortnightly. One was taken last week by Paulus and nothing was missing. Chris informs us that the club might invest in a webcam to observe the manga/anime library.

    7. General business:
    Front table: The missing screw has not been found as of yet, thus the front table is still not fixed.

    Magazines: JapSoc is to be asked if they want any of the magazines. If not, the magazines will be thrown away.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 17: Chris is to ask JapSoc if they want the magazines.

    Insurance: Chris wants to find out if there is any guild insurance as there are valuables to be protected.

    New event type: Chris wants a new event type to draw people in.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 18: The committee is to think of a new event type to discuss during meeting 10.

    Maintenance: Chris wants the club to create a maintenance manual of the clubroom. He also wants the last person to leave the clubroom to take the trash out. Zak recommends that the second last committee member to leave should take the recycling bin out. Chris emphasis the point that if the clubroom is out of bin bags, a member of committee must immediately go on a shopping run to buy some bin bags.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 19: Paulus and Regan is to construct a maintenance manual.

    Other: When Lawrence purchased the bin bags, he forgot to get a receipt and resulting in paying the cost of the bags with his own money. The current bags are too small for the bin so the size of the bag which fits the bin must be documented.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 20: Paulus is to record the bin bag size in the maintenance manual.

    Everyone is informed to read the constitution for the next meeting as constitutional amendments is to be legislated.

    ACTIONABLE ITEM 21: The committee is to read the current constitution.

    Meeting ends 10:40am



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