Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Manga Review


Great Teacher Onizuka

Post by Zak 

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the club room, you might of noticed by now a behavioural pattern from the manga readers amongst us. Whenever one of us starts reading GTO, we are almost always giggling and having a good time. From nearly everyone who’s read this manga, we can all agree that Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) is a really fun series to read. With jokes that’ll leave you giggling silly and a very digestible volume format that keeps you coming back week after week. It’s for this and many more reason that GTO is one of the first manga I always recommend first time manga readers to check out. While some of it’s art and humour may be getting old by 2017 standards, GTO still remains a supremely funny series today with a unique style of visual humour that I feel is perfectly suited for the manga format. GTO as a series also has excellent balance and pacing that manages to pack drama, tension, humour and touching character growth into each volume while still properly spacing its multi volume arcs. This excellent balancing is one of the greatest strengths of GTO and a minor weakness as it makes it a great series to read casually, but slightly harder to binge read. If you want to check out this hilarious classic comedy manga, we have the entire series available to read in the club room. Remember if you want to take home a volume or to make sure to leave a insurance deposit with the treasurer.

22 year old virgin Eikichi Onizuka has been a biker and a general miscreant from his days in school. Now as his life’s starting to slow down and he starts looking for work, he sets his sights on becoming a teacher to … “socialise” with female students. However as he becomes exposed to the world of education and the teachers within it, he sees the many flaws it has and how that affected him in the past. From the many experiences he had along his way to becoming a teacher, Onizuka gains the ambition changing his student’s lives for the better and being the greatest high school teacher in the world, calling himself GTO: Great teacher Onizuka. With a bit of luck Onizuka lands a job teaching at Holy Forest Academy teaching class 3-4. However, not everything is so easy as brand new teacher has been tasked with not only teaching but also taming the troublesome kids of 3-4 who are known for their hate for teachers. How will Onizuka and his unique philosophy on teaching fare out as he’s put to the test against students and teachers alike in a heartwarming comedy like no other.

The main reason I have for recommending this manga above the other great series we have in our library, is that GTO tells a story that is simply relevant and relatable for University students; especially freshers. For many it has not been too long since we were in high school, and I’m sure we’ve all had our range of great and horrible teachers. GTO is filled with inspirational moments where Onizuka’s student’s lives are changed for the better. Despite the craziness of some of scenarios feel both inspired and nostalgic. This narrative may not be original in concept but it truly makes it its own with with its darker look into the world of secondary education and great inspiring moments that many of us can find relatable.

GTO‘s brand of comedy is genuinely hilarious, with faces that will make you laugh out loud when you turn the page. Support that with great panel formatting that supports the comedic style and you have the gold standard when it comes to the comedy of silly faces. The manga is great for bringing a surprise laugh to your day and the inspirational stories brings joy on the rainiest of  day. No matter how many times you’ve read or seen Onizuka’s Monkey-esque face, reading GTO is often a surefire way to get a quick laugh and improve your mood. This for me makes GTO a great manga as it can reliably bring a smile to my face no matter the situation or how long ago I read it.

Great Teacher Onizuka is one of the few manga that remain classics even today. With hilarious comedy and an inspiration story behind each arc, this is one of the best manga to read on a rainy day. With its simple plot structure and length, GTO is one of those series that best to read casually from arc to arc; as the formula may get tiring over time. However, the sometimes cliche but excellent execution of drama makes up it as it makes reading GTO the first time through an immersing read during the tense climaxes. Make sure to check out this manga in the club room and get ready next week for Absolute Boyfriend.





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