March 2017 Meeting #2



Location:                   UWAnime Clubroom

Date:                           13th March 2017

Present:                    Regan(Vice President), Chris (Secretary), Lawrence(Treasurer), Matt (OCM), Bryan (OCM), Lachlan (OCM), Paulus (OCM)

Late:                            N/A

Apologies:                N/A

Absent (No Apologies Received): N/A

Meeting Commenced: 9.48 am


Due to the resignation of Azman, the committee decides to assign an interim President until the SGM, scheduled to occur on the 24th of March at 1:00pm.

Committee voted on Chris to move up to interim President.

Passed Unanimously.

As Chris was voted for interim President, an interim Secretary needs to be elected. OCM Paulus was nominated to move up to the position of secretary.
Committee voted on Paulus to move up to interim Secretary.

Passed Unanimously


There is an opening in the OCM position. Due to being unable to call a constitutional vote because of the state of the committee, the fresher representative will have the position of OCM. Legislation of the fresher representative clause is to be done at a later date with a vote during a general committee meeting.

Actionable Item 1: Legislate a fresher representative clause after the next SGM.

  1. PROSH – 22nd MARCH

The club will be assisting in marshalling Prosh. Chris outlines the details for Prosh. Chris and another committee member will be going. Chris is to attend the training on the 14th of March for Prosh marshalling. Regan will check to see if he can attend Prosh with Chris. Matt informs us that he can’t attend Prosh.

  1. KARAOKE – 24th March

Matt is managing the karaoke event. The SGM is to be marketed with the karaoke in the poster. The poster must be submitted by the 16th of March.

Actionable Item 2: Submit the poster by the 16th of March.


Regan and Chris will be going. Due to difficulties with people attending Comic-Con on the 26th of March, Chris may swap with another committee member, possibly Lachlan or Bryan for Sunday.


Chris is pending a reply from Comic-Con regarding the details. Two committee members are elected to attend each day. Lawrence and Zak will attend on the 25th of March. Paulus, Lachlan and Bryan is to check if they can attend Comic-Con on the 26th of March or the Japan festival on the 25th of March by the 19th of March.

Actionable Item 3: Find who is free for Comic Con on 26th March

Paulus reminds committee to take the money box back to the clubroom if they take it out for Comic-Con.
Chris also reminds the committee to wear hi-vis vests during Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon during set up and pack up.
Lawrence reminds the committee to go to the club earlier to pick up the money box as we will have to wait for security to access Cameron Hall.


Due to a mix-up, Zak will be managing the screening on the 17th of March and Paulus will be managing Zak’s screening on the 11th of August. Regan brings up the point that Azman had designated events to attend. Chris informs the committee that if Azman does not contact the committee, he won’t have any obligation to attend his designated events and it will be for the committee to take his place.

Currently, Azman’s designated events are Karaoke (24th March), Smash Tournament (28th April) and the Fortnightly Screening (22nd September). The committee is willing to cover these designated events if required. Paulus brings up the point that the fresher representative will be able to take over his designated events if required, or a re-delegation is required.

Actionable Item 4: Update the list of designated events.

  1. Miscellaneous

Optimising food/drink sales:
Regan assigns Lawrence the task to check the food and drink inventory daily. Regan is to create the template after the meeting and e-mail it to Lawrence to assist in doing the inventory. Food and drinks inventory will be checked every day.

Manga/Anime Inventory:
Paulus and Lawrence are to check the manga and anime library fortnightly in order to check for missing items. Manga and anime inventory will be checked fortnightly.

Azman has donated manga, anime and Gundam to the clubroom. This consists of:
One Piece Volume 2, 24, 61
Japanese One Piece Volume 61?
Attack on Titan Volume 13
Evangelion 2.22
Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L
Aegis Gundam
Paulus is to update the list of manga and anime on the website with the donations.

Actionable Item 5: Manga and anime list must be updated.

Chris has donated several posters.

Committee votes to get a budget of $22 for Regan to purchase frames and hooks to put up the Studio Ghibli poster donated by Chris.

Passed Unanimously

Actionable Item 6: Purchase the frames and hooks for the poster.

Regan says that he is testing out a new method of the raffles. He asks if we want to do any other events besides the Friday ones. Chris says we want to keep the turn-outs to the other events more consistent before adding more events in the week.

Lachlan reminds us to collect more fliers from our sponsors and to print out more of our own fliers to give to sponsors and to hand out during conventions (ie. Comic-con).

Chris says we can ask Tokyo Underground to help us print out our fliers.
Committee votes to get payment for getting 500 more of our fliers printed from Tokyo Underground.

Passed Unanimously

Actionable Item 7: Print out 500 more fliers from Tokyo Underground.

As Azman was managing the badges, Regan says he will to take over in managing them. Both Regan and Chris outlines the details for the badges. The committee decides think about getting badges at a later date after our mascot has been re-designed.

Regan’s report will be completed by the end of the week, 17th March 2017

Actionable Item 8: Renovations report is to be completed.

O-Day/Fresher welcome/sponsor:
Chris’ report will be completed by the end of next week, 24th March 2017

Actionable Item 9: Sponsor/O-Day/Fresher welcome report is to be completed.

Budget for fixing the air-con:
Budget was not used and it has been voided.

The Mono-Tama poster is to be framed to the top right of the TV. The poster may require replacement. A budget prepared by Regan will be brought in the next meeting.

Actionable Item 10: Decide on a budget for the framing of the Mono-Tama poster.

Club furniture:
Computer table:
The committee is unable to find a suitable computer table within the budget. Regan will be looking for another table within a suitable budget and he will discuss if it is suitable for the club’s needs before purchasing it.

Front table:
Damaged and has a missing screw. Regan will check if he can fix the table.

Committee votes to promote Matt’s OCM title to Head Chef.

Passed Unanimously

Next meeting date to be decided. It will be held next week.

Meeting ends 10:33am


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