Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma Manga Review

Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Souma

Post by Zak

It’s  rare, but every now and then an Anime comes along that changes how we see the world around us. In 2015, that phenomenon became reality when we were introduced to the amazing Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma (In Japan its just Shokugeki no Souma). After the Anime’s release in the Spring 2015 season, the the manga sales jumped from 19th to 7th position on the list of bestselling manga of 2015, today it remains at 10th. Food Wars! is a series that combines the best parts of the Food manga and anime that came before it and turns it into a Shonen Jump style masterpiece. From the lewd foodgasms of Koufuku Graffiti to the random and crazy reactions of Yakitabe!! Japan, Food Wars! manages to combine those two concepts, mix it in with the ever fun Shonen battle style to create a great manga that is both really enjoyable and easy to read without simplifying the themes. This genius construction of the story and plot is what makes the manga consistently enjoyable to read volume after volume. And when you combine the great plot and pacing this manga has with the fantastic artwork done by hentai artist Shun Saeki, you get some food porn that is out of this irresistible. If you are in for a salivating experience that will leave you yearning for the next chapter coupled with a tasty sandwich, this is a must read. If you want to check out this food lover’s masterpiece, grab a snack and enjoy reading the first 3 volumes here in the club room. For those who can’t get enough of this series check out Viz Media’s website in the links provided below.

Souma Yukihira has passion for food that few can rival. He’s been in the kitchen working with his father at their small restaurant from a very young age. From years of practice and a competitive rivalry with his father, Souma has a dream of beating his father with his own style of cooking and eventually setting up a restaurant of his own. However his plans take a sudden detour when his father unexpectedly shuts down their restaurant and goes abroad to test his skills working in 5 star restaurants around the world. But, Souma’s father didn’t completely abandon him, he provided his son with a once in a lifetime chance to attend the top cooking school in the nation, Totsuki Culinary Academy. With a reputation of graduating 10% of students and super competitive Culinary duels where everything put on the line, Souma is in for a tough time. See Souma and his friends struggle through challenge after challenge to eventually graduate from Totsuki and make their mark on the culinary world.

Food Wars! is an easy-to-read and enjoyable manga to read, with fast but excellent pacing that makes each chapter a joy to read. The clear story telling and smooth panel work makes catching up with the story after a week or even months super smooth. The only issue this series has is the degree to which it embraces ecchi into the foodgasms. The level of the ecchi in the early chapters is a bit too over the top for the casual reader and it turns away potential readers that could end up loving the actual core of this series. Despite being a difficult balance to strike, Food Wars! manages to properly pace its over the top reactions much better as the story progresses, this time perfectly supporting the plot instead of detracting from it. Past the initial volumes, the lewd and over the top reactions take a minor but powerful role in the manga’s dram, with the most extreme reactions saved for the high points accompanying the most drool inducing of culinary masterpieces.

The food in Food Wars! is a blessing from above. Before reading this manga for the first time, you believe that you could get hungry over a black and white illustration of food. But, with super crisp line work and excellent shadows and detailed effects Food Wars! brings manga art to a whole new level. And on top of the amazing looking food is the great looking Characters. They all have memorable designs with personaities that mix together to form a great character chemistry between the entire main cast. The art style also has a very dynamic range of expression with the characters making a perfect transition from chibi to goofy to serious to EPIC, whenever the situation demands. Finally the echhi is expertly drawn and both the Man-service and the Fan-service looks great and is hyper detailed and curvaceous.

Food Wars! a really enjoyable to read manga with excellent pacing that makes week to week reading easy to pick up and fun. The Art style perfectly compliments the plot and succeeds in bringing its readers to salivation whenever the next culinary delight is reviled. The characters have a very fun atmosphere around them and have good chemistry together that makes following this cast a fun time no matter how serious the stakes are. The comedy is on point and hilarious at times. Check out the first three volumes of the manga here in the club room and be sure to check in next week for the Greatest of Teachers Onizuka


Check out Viz Media’s Website to purchase more volumes and preview chapters:


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