March 2017 Meeting #1



Location:                   UWAnime Clubroom

Date:                           1st March 2017

Present:                    Azman (President and Chair), Regan(Vice President), Chris (Secretary), Lawrence(Treasurer), Matt (OCM), Bryan (OCM), Lachlan (OCM), Paulus (OCM)

Late:                            N/A

Apologies:                Zak(OCM) – Late 10.43am

Absent (No Apologies Received): N/A

Meeting Commenced: 10.00 am


Review of Actionable Items from previous meetings:

AC2 – Meeting 3: Reviews are still pending. Will carry over to Meeting 7.

AC1 – Meeting 5: An extension cord was purchased via club funds for club use.

AC1 – Meeting 7: All local sponsors were contacted on 20th February for prizes. All sponsors reciprocated

AC2 – Meeting 7: O-Day sign up sheets have been printed.

AC3 – Meeting 7: Poster was submitted by Bryan on 23rd Feb


Azman says he is compiling an O-Day report based off Chris’ email on reflections on O-Day. The O-Day report will provide information on how O-Day was ran and possible improvements for future committee. It will also be included in the presidential report at the end of the year. The report will be kept with Azman and available on request.

Chris asks if Azman is compiling the report for sponsors as well.

Azman says that he will send it to Chris. He asks if any other committee want to see it.

Paulus, Matt and Lawrence indicate that the O-Day report should be sent via committee email. Azman says he will send it out via email.

Chris says there have been 147 signups associated with O-Day. Current signups to date puts memberships up to 176.

Regan wants to put through a gender ratio on the number of signups we gained on O-Day

Chris says that gender ratio is a sensitive issue for data collection, but steps can be taken for an estimation.

Lawrence says $960 dollars was gained from O-Day, without SPG and O-Day grants.

Azman says that this is a good position, where we can reach Chris’ goal of reaching the same amount of money had at the beginning of this year.

Paulus mentions Unigames has put up a video for finding the Unigames clubroom, which could be used for our own club. He also mentions that this could compensate for the lack of tours ran to the clubroom. Chris inquires about the number of tours ran.

Azman says there was only one tour. He says that tours were not ran frequently enough, lack of co-ordination, and the timing required for having multiple people to have a tour.

Chris says that the lack of tours could be because that people had a lack of interest in a tour due to time constraints in Club Carnival, and the travel distance to Cameron Hall from the stall.


Azman will be in charge of Fresher Welcome and will be finalising the details for the event. Azman says many of the details haven’t been finalised with O-Day so close. One point which needs to be reviewed is the number of pizzas.

Matt says that last year 40 pizzas were ordered, and that Dominos needs to be contacted about the large amount of pizzas required, with two hours required to order and deliver.

Azman comments that we all agreed on an icebreaker event and quick quiz questions. Azman says raffle will be called on member number.

Chris comments that a third of prize value is D&D manuals, where it might be difficult to market them as a worthwhile prize. He also says there are badges for use of small quiz questions that are after anime screenings. Groups will be allocated to each committee member in order to run things more smoothly.

Azman wants to have the first 20-30 mins to forming groups whilst a screening is happening.

Chris says that it that if we do that, the event will be too compact, with the event finishing in the first two hours.

Azman says that event can be made shorter or longer with no specific times, and attention of members can only be retained for a certain amount of time. The biggest times or breaks will be for during the quizzes and during the lunch break.

Chris asks if people are going to be distracted with anime on the screen at the same time social interaction is expected of them.

Azman answers that people will tune in and out of it and only listen in sporadic bursts and that people will respect the fact that they are watching.

Chris says that it could hinder things such as the icebreaker where people are introducing themselves and someone isn’t paying attention within the group. The icebreaker is supposed to foster a sense of community and involvement, and it will be difficult to do that with extra distractions.

Azman agrees, and says to start screening first, which will be followed by the group formation. He says to leave the rest of the event planning to after the meeting to sort out the finer details of Fresher Welcome.

Actionable Item 1: Call Dominos about Pizza on 1st March

Actionable Item 2: Compile Anime list for Fresher Welcome

Regan asks if the raffle has been advertised with all details online. Azman answers that it hasn’t been specified on Facebook and on O-Day. Chris says that people were uninformed the exact details of the raffle, with people having different ideas on the exact details of the raffle on O-Day.


Azman says that all the executives (including himself) and Matt can’t man the Madman stall at the upcoming convention.

Chris asks Azman about any details he has.

Azman replies that he has emailed POWA, and that they will be at Madman will be there, but not close enough to matter. Game City will also be at Madman, and we could be able to help out.

Chris says that we cannot have people leaving the stall, and that it can’t be un-attended.

Chris asks why Azman can’t make it to the stall. Azman says that he already bought the tickets to Madman for one day before he knew about the stall, and that there isn’t any cancellation.

Chris asks if he is available for the second day.

Azman says he can. Chris replies that Azman is to go on Sunday with an exhibitor pass, and to go on Sunday. Regan and Lawrence are both unable to go on the weekend with work and Chris unable to man the stall with press pass.

Azman asks whether Lawrence can go on the weekend, and reschedule. Chris says that Lawrence can’t reschedule because of his tutoring job and that the only person that can reschedule is Azman. Chris asks the rest of committee which days are available for the rest of the OCMs. Zak and Lachlan are available Saturday. Paulus and Azman are available on Sunday.

Chris says the stall needs to be set up at a certain time with times to be looked at on the Terms and Conditions. Also to be looked at is what will be set up at the stall.

Azman says that a raffle was undertaken at the previous Comic-Con with involvement with event management, but he doesn’t think that it is possible to run that at this upcoming event.

Chris says that the club may need to fall back on the same sign up strategy as Tosche, with a small raffle.

Azman says that there isn’t much time to plan for the event. He says that he is happy that he got the stall but it sucks that it was such late notice.

Chris asks if we run the same layout at Tosche? Matt agrees that we should.

Azman says we should bring books from our manga library, and allow people to browse it. Chris says that we should as we are at an anime event with lack of space. Azman says that at Comic-Con there was an anime corner at Comic-Con. Chris says that there we aren’t at Comic-Con and we don’t have an anime corner at Madman. Matt says we don’t have an entire library either. Azman says there are obviously problems with the idea.

Regan asks if badges have been purchased for committee members. Azman says he is still working on the type of badges for committee.

Actionable Item 3: Decide on type of badges for members

Chris says the Tokyo Underground are willing to help us out with badges and that we should contact them about the issue. Azman says he will talk to Bronwyn about the badges.

Actionable Item 4: Contact Bronwyn about badges

Chris says we can try and contact our sponsors for raffle items in our raffle. Matt agrees and sponsorship should only be anime related. Chris asks what time Azman is free tomorrow for sponsor appeal.

Actionable Item 5: Contact Bronwyn for sponsor items at MadFest on 2rd March

Azman says he is angry that we could have put more effort into the event if we were told about the event earlier. Matt says we can’t always be flexible, and we should work with what we have.

Paulus asks if we can bring the directory picture frame and banner. Azman says the banner is good, however, the directory may not be relevant if they aren’t university students. The most relevant tool will be sponsor benefits. Chris says that we need a special member card for Madman. Bryan says he will work on it.

Zak(OCM) enters – 10.43am.

Chris calculates that our club will get around 75 memberships or more. Zak says that there may be problems with living in different regions. Chris says that people at external events will mainly sign up for sponsor benefits.

Actionable Item 6: Print 150 sign up sheets for Madman on 2nd March

Lawrence asks if Madman will be at Comic-Con. Azman says they will be. Chris says there haven’t been any terms and conditions to sign at Comic-Con, so he doesn’t know what is happening since the event manager is not replying.

Azman says he doesn’t want to go to Comic-Con with all the events and Madman coming up, as it is just another drain in manpower. Chris says that by getting more sign-ups we can forward our own club objectives. Azman says that we need to do all the extra work to sell sign ups.

Chris says that at Comic-Con we weren’t able to sell signups at Comic-Con due to sellers fee, and notes that POWA got around 100-150 signups at Comic-Con. He also says that getting 50 or more sign ups, we can put money towards useful club items and events. He says it isn’t necessarily a drain.

Azman says it feels like a drain, as the committee has been doing a lot, and that more of the OCMs would be able to go to the events and not himself. Chris says that Azman is the president and needs to be at the events. Azman says the reason why is because he is looking long term. Chris says that Azman is still the president. Azman says he is knows that he is the president, and that OCM’s would be able to gain experience instead.

Azman says he wanted to help the clubroom in this way, to show and train OCMs for future roles.


    Committee decides to place the next meeting between the 20th-24th of March just before Comic-Con.Regan says that a new mascot design has been created by a member for use for club promotional materials. He shows the design. Chris says that further investigation is required before we can continue with new design.

    Lawrence says that Discord has been updated to two-factor authentication.

    Chris says that that Chris and Zak went to writers night for PROSH. He asks committee whether we should do PROSH. Azman agrees that we should go to PROSH, and find cosplayers for the event. Chris says we need two people for Layout night, and a marshal for the UWAnime group. Matt says that it will be difficult to set up

    Chris asks if Relay for Life is viable for the event. Azman asks about why we should do the event. Chris says it’s another club event, more involving and good PR in terms of charity. Azman asks what we do. Regan says you run and raise money via friends and family. Chris asks about whether it is reasonable or if people have concerns. Matt says yes. Azman says that while it looks good, it doesn’t match up with brand image. Chris says he can get some friends in. Chris says that we just need to be there, with good PR and give it a go. Azman says that it would be good then. Matt says we can do the event. Azman says he only agrees with it due to the little effort required and it’s close to other events. The event is 14th and 15th of October at UWA

    Chris says that Club Carnival is on 7th March, from 12-2pm. Azman and Lawrence are going to be there.

    Chris brings up the BBQ for committee. Lawrence says that the BBQ needs to be hired.

    Chris says that JapSoc has messaged UWAnime over a collaborative quiz night. He says more information needs to be brought up and vote taken.

    Regan asks for a club budget of $9.78 for fixing the air-con. Chris motions the vote, Lawrence seconds.

    Vote For: Unanimous. Vote Passed.

    Chris brings up that the manga/anime review made by Zak need to be done weekly and with deadlines from now on during Semester.

    Meeting ends 11.38am


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