February 2017 Meeting #2



Location:                   UWAnime Clubroom

Date:                           11th February 2017

Present:                    Azman (President and Chair), Chris (Secretary), Zak (OCM), Bryan (OCM), Lachlan (OCM), Paulus (OCM)

Late:                            Regan(Vice President) – 10.28am

Apologies:                Matthew(OCM), Lawrence(Treasurer)

Absent (No Apologies Received): N/A

Meeting Commenced: 10.02 am


Review of Actionable Items from Meeting 3 and 4:

AC2 – Meeting 3: Reviews are still pending. Will carry over to Meeting 5

AC4 – Meeting 3: Templates have been transferred to Bryan and are still being completed. Will carry over to Meeting 4.

AC1 – Meeting 4: Azman did not visit sponsors for negotiations. Chris went in his place. The task was completed, and results are in seen as per website and new O-Day booklet

AC2 – Meeting 4: Zak did not produce a budget for chair refurbishment. Will carry to next meeting

AC3 – Meeting 4: Lawrence transferred all relevant Treasury files for Bryan to work on.

AC4 – Meeting 4: Matt did visit Aaron’s house but was unable to receive the files. Chris sourced the files via alternative methods.


Zak and Chris report on the outcome of Tosche Collectors Fair. Chris, Matt and Zak attended the event. Chris had set up the table layout the night previous and Matt drove Chris and Matt with the table and items to the event. Raffle was worth $35 donated from Chris.

Profit after the purchase of area was $22 (7 signups). Networking potential at the event was minimal. The committee recommends that from time/money perspectives and taking into account the donation for the raffle, the event had a satisfactory outcome, however, the UWAnime club will not be re-attending.

Chris suggests that on the member card index, the more popular cards should be listed towards the front of the index, and less popular cards to the back. Also, should Tosche become a viable option, the event did not have a power outlet for member card outlet.

Actionable Item 1: Get a new extension cord


The club ran the karaoke event successfully. The club gained 7 signups. The karaoke continues to have technical issues and a tutorial needs to be implanted in order to set up the karaoke. Furthermore, the sound system may require a tutorial due to difficulty of use. Investment in a new sound system was discussed, with deferment until a later date.


Chris is still waiting on the press pass. Flyer are being sent to the club to provide a 10% discount to all new members


Stall has been applied for, however, there has been no response. The event manager has not been replying to emails.


Carpeting will be completed by 13th Feburary.

Actionable Item 2: Complete Carpeting and tidy room


Tenancy Agreements will need to be signed at the next meeting, with all executives.


Our club is located between UWA League and Unigames. Chris asks for an extension on the Indesign booklet for O-Day. If the booklet is not completed by Tuesday at 8am, a Word Document design will be drafted based around the welcome letter.

The committee recommends the future committee to look into an I-stand banner for exposure at stall events.

Actionable Item 3: Wagaya was not contacted by Azman between this meeting and the conclusion of the Expansion Project. They need to be contacted this coming week to renew our sponsorship by Azman.


Redesign of the fresher welcome event is underway. The committee plans to design the event with more segments, and increased engagement with members via team orientation.


Chris will be attending both the SOC and Tenancy councils during the week. Chris also brings up that the committee needs to start looking into options for offering memberships to our sponsors. Options for increasing and broadening member fees need to be explored.

Club layouts will be discussed next meeting. A re-imagination/design of our club mascot is also being explored.

Chris has contacted POWA over a collaborative event, which will be around May/June. Potential events for event include Laser tag in Malaga.

Committee has decided to use window frames for posters in the clubroom to protect the paint on the walls.

Vote on the following constitutional change in Section 18, clause 1: Change from “The quorum of the Committee shall be four, of whom at least two shall be office bearers.” to “The quorum of the Committee shall be five, of whom at least two shall be office bearers.”

Motion by Chris, Seconded by Azman: Unanimous vote For.
Vote Passed. The change will be brought forward to the next General Meeting.

The UWAnime committee affirms its position on having thorough record-keeping for all future committees.

The next meeting will be 18th February 2017, 10am.

Meeting Closed: 11.58 am



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