February Meeting #1



Location: Loft of Cameron Hall

Date: 2nd February 2017

Present:  Azman (President), Regan (Vice President and Chair), Chris (Secretary), Lawrence (Treasurer), Matthew (OCM), Zak (OCM), Bryan (OCM), Lachlan (OCM), Paulus (OCM)

Apologies:  N/A

Absent (No Apologies Received): N/A

Meeting Commenced: 10.00 am


                Matthew brings a note of grievance as the committee only had Two days notice of meeting. Steps have been taken for better future committee timing for meetings.Review of Actionable Items from Meeting 3:

Review of Actionable Items from Meeting 3:

AC1: Planning was undertaken and executed by Regan and Chris

AC2: Not undertaken. Will carry over to Meeting 4

AC3: Bryan has printed the cards, and will continue production up until O-Day

AC4: Templates are still being completed by Lawrence. Will carry over to Meeting 4

AC5: Expansion project has been successful

AC6: Karaoke subscription is being applied on the 2/02/17

AC7: Transition to Discord was successful


Painting of the room and ceilings will be completed by the 2/02/17. The renovations are behind schedule, with carpeting being done within the next fortnight. Regan will complete a full report on the Renovations Project. $500 will be withdrawn on 2/02/17. With the $500, and the additional $450 withdrawn from 31/02/17 for the use of purchase of carpeting


Uncharity will be run from 4pm to midnight. The committee involved are required to be in the clubroom. All executives, with Paulus, Regan, Bryan, and Lachlan will attend. Karaoke and a Smash 4 setup will be running throughout the event, with a pizza run. A food run will occur on the 2/02/17 for the Uncharity event.


Chris, Matt and Zac will be going to Tosche, and borrowing the table and club banner. Chris donated $35 worth of prizes for use at Tosche Collectors Fair. The raffle will be run alongside the membership sales. Chris will bring Three prospectuses for the use at Tosche. The booklet has not been completed, instead, a small letter has been prepared for distribution with the membership.

Azman says he will go to sponsors to negotiate any benefits for members to advertise alongside our memberships

Actionable Item 1: Azman to visit sponsors for negotiations on the 2/02/17


Zak has suggested a low cost alternative to replacing chairs. Instead of buying bulk, Zak has picked up 8 chairs which he can refurbish for around $120. The committee came to a decision that a full budget should be made before a vote can be called

Actionable Item 2: Zak will produce a budget for refurbishment of chairs.

Lawrence will be going to China and will pass the SPG(Special Project Grant) documents to Bryan to complete

Actionable Item 3: Lawrence will transfer the SPG application to Bryan

Aaron from the previous administration did not give the files for UWAnime flyers. Matt will go to his residence to get the files. If this is not successful, Chris will utilize alternative methods to produce the files.

Actionable Item 4: Matt to visit Aaron, and Chris should be ready for contingencies

Meeting Closed: 10.50 am


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