April 5th general meeting 1

Present: Tze-wen [President], Bryan [Vice President], Pokk Huan [Secretary], Lawrence [Treasurer], Ryan [OCM], AnQiang [OCM], Marie [OCM], Kathlyn [OCM], Samson [OCM] Absent: Proxies: Paulus Apologies: Zak [media officer], Lachlan [audit officer] Observers: Zak arrives 11:33 Update on actionable items: Waifu Wars: Ryan asks what committee wants to be choices to be on the waifu wars, … More April 5th general meeting 1

March General Meeting 1

23/3/2018 Present: Tze-wen [President], Bryan [Vice President], Pokk Huan (Paddy) [Secretary], Lawrence [Treasurer], Ryan [OCM], Kathlyn [OCM], Marie [OCM], Samson [OCM], Anqiang [OCM] Proxies: Absent: Apologies: Zak [Media Officer], Lachlan [Audit Officer] Observers: 6 members Meeting started 11:03 Zak arrives [11:35] Update on actionable items: Event reports/reviews: Fresher Welcome: Loft and clubroom idea was a … More March General Meeting 1

February General Meeting 3 28th Feb

Meeting started 10:07 Present: Tze-Wen [President], Bryan [Vice President], Paddy [Secretary], Lawrence [Treasurer], Ryan [OCM] Apologies: Twin, Zak and Lachlan Proxy: Paulus for Twin Observers: 3 members Absent: ACTIONABLE ITEMS: Oday Turnout 165 signups, tour didn’t work out, lots of mini-tours, a surprising number of freshers during the first week. ~10 hanging out. More than … More February General Meeting 3 28th Feb

February Meeting 2

February general meeting 2 20/2/2018 Present: Tze-Wen [President], Bryan [Vice President], Paddy [Secretary], Lawrence [Treasurer], Zak [Media], Lachlan [Audit], Ryan [OCM], AnQiang [OCM] Absent: N/A Apologies: N/A Observers: Kathlyn, Paulus comes in [12:12] Meeting started: 11.02 Update on actionable items: Uni-Print Credit: Passed motion in November 2017, waiting for Lawrence to top up credit after … More February Meeting 2

February General Meeting 1

Feb 2018 Meeting 1 Meeting started:  10:10 Present: Tze-Wen [president], Bryan [vice-president], Lawrence [Treasurer], Paddy [Secretary], Ryan [OCM] Apologies: Zak [media officer], Lachlan [audit officer] (over discord) Absentees: Zak Proxies: An Kang proxying for An Qiang [OCM] (The Twins) Observer: Paulus An Qiang arrives [10:58] Lachlan left [11:10] Zak arrives [11:35] Updates on actionable items: … More February General Meeting 1

January 2018 Meeting

Meeting start 10:12am Present – Lewis, Lawrence, Bryan, Twin Apologies – Paddy, Ryan, Lachlan Lachlan and Zak present over discord 1.0 Update on Actionable Items Smash tournament planned for the 2nd February checking with Taylor for campus quest times in case of clash due to low number of available of committee we cant do both events … More January 2018 Meeting

December 2017 Meeting

Meeting start at 10:01am Present – everyone Ryan + Zak over discord Apologies – Paddy, no proxy available 1.0 Updates on previous actionable items O-day stall booking has been done Email to Autism Association has been sent – no reply back They visited the clubroom when it was closed Actionable Item Follow up to them or … More December 2017 Meeting